Jaguars fantastic star: ‘I Wish I Played Better To Give Us a Shot’ at End of Season

Trevor Lawrence blames himself for part of the Jaguars’ late-season collapse.
The Jacksonville Jaguars have numerous causes for their late-season collapse.

Coaching mistakes, on-field errors, injuries, and, of course, the team’s composition.

According to quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who suffered with three different ailments in the final six games of the season, his own performance during their 1-5 skid is another factor to consider, injuries or not.

“I believe that is a part of the sport. And there are no excuses when you go on the field. When you get on the field on Sunday, you’re expected to perform, especially as a quarterback and a person who touches the ball and has a major impact on the game,” Lawrence told NFL Network this week.

“You’ve got to play well. To win, your quarterback must perform well in this league. And, you know, one apparent regret I have is that I do not believe I performed my best at the conclusion of the season. And I wish I had played better so that we could have a shot.

Lawrence concluded the season with 65.6% completion rate, 4,016 yards, 21 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and seven lost fumbles. Lawrence also missed his first career start due to four different ailments, and he appeared to limp to the season’s end.

Jaguars' Trevor Lawrence to miss first game of career with shoulder injury

Lawrence missed his first game of his career, which turned out to be the only game the Jaguars won during their 1-5 season. Lawrence was 11th in big-time throw rate, 29th in turnover-worthy play rate, 25th in adjusted completion percentage, and 23rd in passer rating out of 31 quarterbacks with 100 dropbacks from Weeks 13-18.

“So that’s something where I gotta learn from and, you know, if I’m on that field, and whether I’m banged up, or what you’re going to be banged up within the season, no matter how healthy you try to stay or how much success you have doing that, you’re gonna have to play through some stuff,” he said.

Trevor Lawrence - Wikipedia

“So, you know, I’ve got to find a way to play better through that. And, of course, I’m hoping for another opportunity next year, but I believe we made some progress, even if it didn’t go as planned.

There were some bright spots for Lawrence in 2023, but no one wants to hear about them after how their season ended. Lawrence is also aware of this.

“You know, I think as individually there’s things that I wanted to get better at; accuracy, throwing the ball down the field, some situational things that I think I did improve on and it gets outshined obviously, by the way the season finished, but I gotta keep just taking those steps in the right direction,” he said. “And us as a team, we got to keep doing that.”

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