5 players to be had at the Trade Deadline who would be a perfect fit for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz would be wise to add several crucial players to their squad.
The Utah Jazz have made their first trade of the season, moving Simone Fontecchio away for a second-round selection and some contracts. It was an unimpressive deal, but it may have provided the Jazz the draft money they needed to improve their bench and overall defense.

As a result, we compiled a list of five names that would be ideal for the Utah Jazz to pursue in order to enhance their team.

Point Guard – Malcolm Brogdon
The Utah Jazz need help at the point guard spot beyond Kris Dunn. He should absolutely be entrenched in the starting point guard role going forward, and given a new deal eventually, but the Jazz need help at the position beyond him. Keyonte George has flashes of brilliance but he’s largely been inconsistent as a scorer while being atrocious as a defender.

Utah Jazz Sign Simone Fontecchio | NBA.com
Jordan Clarkson is all but unplayable and while he’s had spurts of good play, he’s largely someone who can’t get the job done as needed on a team like the Jazz. Maybe on a team with slightly better talent top to bottom, he won’t be as problematic but the Jazz need him to be better than he is and he simply can’t be that.

Malcolm Brogdon, on the other hand, is an excellent all-around player. While he doesn’t excel in any particular skill, he is a good defender, scorer, and passer. He won’t be outstanding at anything, but he’ll be good enough that the Jazz will feel his presence from the moment he joins the team. He’s the ideal bench player for the team.

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