Stoke City chairman John Coates give fan 4 reasons to be hopeful about the team.

News from the bet365 Stadium as Stoke City joint-chairman John Coates and head coach Steven Schumacher give reasons to be hopeful about the team.
Bae Junho will be’some player’ when, not if, he begins to add assists and goals to his game.

That was Steven Schumacher’s opinion, echoing his chairman John Coates’ idea that Junho, the 20-year-old summer signing from South Korea, is one of the main reasons to be optimistic about Stoke City at the time. “Steven Schumacher and, at some point, goals and assists are going to start coming for Junho Bae,” Coates remarked as he wrapped up an hour-long Q&A with fans on Thursday night.

Junho joined Stoke from Daejeon Hana Citizen in late August and has since established himself as a crucial player for the club, thanks to his smooth control and mobility. He has also been in positions to change games, but he only has two assists to his name thus far.

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“(Junho) has been brilliant,” Schumacher explained. “He’s very exciting, and once he adds goals and assists to his game, he’ll be a great player. He has to keep playing, believing in what he’s doing, getting into good positions – which he does frequently – and then finding a way to score.”

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When asked the same question, Schumacher responded more broadly about what was ahead for him and his side, beginning with important games against Blackburn Rovers and Queens Park Rangers.

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He stated, “I’m looking forward to the final 16 games. I know the prior couple didn’t go as planned, but I’ve been quite impressed with what I’ve seen thus far. It’s challenging for a team to embrace a new manager’s ideas and adapt mid-season.So I’m looking forward to it, as well as expanding on what we’re doing and attempting to break free from this hoodoo at home. That’s what I’m thrilled about.

“And I’m really looking forward to preseason. This is where you create the groundwork for how your team will look. Getting a solid pre-season, going on a great trip where we can get some good training in, will be beneficial, and we look forward to next season. “Can’t wait.”

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