Ipswich Legend Issues Advice To Tractor Boys fantastic 24-year-old Star

Mick Mills, an Ipswich Town veteran, has cautioned Blues star Leif Davis against overcommitting himself going forward and reminded him of his defensive responsibilities during games.

The 24-year-old left-back has established himself as a starter in Kieran McKenna’s starting lineup, contributing 13 assists in 27 league appearances this season.

Ipswich’s form has dipped, and several former players have chastised the Tractor Boys’ defensive unit for failing to do their job.

Mills urged that McKenna assess whether Davis is attacking too early in the game and advised the left-back to be more careful before moving forward.

Leif Davis: Ipswich Town full-back says side must stay 'switched on' in  defence - BBC Sport

The former Ipswich great also stated that he has no objections to Davis pushing forward in instances where the Blues may benefit from his presence, but cautioned him that he cannot go up constantly and lurk around the opponent box while abandoning his defensive responsibilities.

“Maybe we sent Leif out too far, too many times, too early in a game,” Mills told BBC Radio Suffolk.

“Maybe he has to just be a little bit more cautious to start with.”I am fine if you are presented with an absolutely perfect circumstance.

Ipswich Town Legend Tells Leif Davis To Watch Forward Runs

“Go with belief; it is your job to do so, but do not keep creeping up there in the expectation that something will happen.

“Be a little more conservative early in the game, sit a little closer to George’s [Edmundson] left side, and plug that hole; after all, you have someone to mark out there, a right-side attacker.

“And sometimes they are clever enough not to go with you if they think you are going in a non-adventurous position, they will let you go and they will catch you on the break.”

Ipswich have only won one of their past nine league games, and it remains to be seen whether they can overcome their bad form to beat Millwall on Wednesday.

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