Trevor Lawrence’s recent statements about his contract,

Our Big Cat Country staff offers opinions on the Super Bowl MVP.
With Trevor Lawrence’s recent statements about his contract, do you believe the Jaguars should sign him right away or wait?
Alfie Crow: I’ve always felt that if you think you’ve found “that guy” at quarterback, you should sign him right away. While there has been some strange talk about Lawrence this season, it’s very evident for the Jaguars that he is “the guy,” and they should rush to sign him sooner rather than later, as he’ll just get more expensive the longer they wait.

Gus Logue: Regardless of his comments, I think the Jaguars should sign him as soon as possible. He’s a top-10 quarterback and should automatically top the non-Mahomes market like Joe Burrow last September, and before him Justin Herbert, and before him Lamar Jackson. I wouldn’t hesitate to give Lawrence a contract worth $300 million.

Travis Holmes: I’m a fan of waiting it out until we see some turnover improvement or consistently high play from Lawrence, as the team will still have him under team control for the next 3 seasons. With an impossible first season under Urban Meyer, a promising first half, and an impressive 2nd half of 2022, plus a ho-hum 2023 season on his resume the jury is still out on who Lawrence will truly be as a pro. With his incredibly high rate of turnovers throughout his career there are still


worries regarding his Josh Allen level of interceptions in addition to his Lamar Jackson level of fumbles. The difference between becoming the next Peyton Manning and becoming the next Jameis Winston/Jay Cutler is razor-thin. Signing Manning to a lucrative contract may save the franchise. Extending the others could have a long-term negative impact on a team.

BCC staff roundtable: Trevor Lawrence contract and Super Bowl MVP - Big Cat  Country

Which team do you believe has made the best coaching hire this cycle?
Alfie: I don’t want to take the easy way out, but I believe the Los Angeles Chargers made the finest hire in Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has won at every stop in his coaching tenure, including San Diego, Stanford, San Francisco, and, most recently, Michigan. Harbaugh takes over a talented club led by a capable quarterback who has yet to reach his full potential.

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