LATEST NEWS : Draymond Green escalates war of words with ’embarrassment’ Jusuf Nurkic

Draymond Green and Jusuf Nurkic’s current feud appears to be far from over. Green was suspended indefinitely after an argument with the Phoenix Suns’ big man on December 12. On Saturday, they faced off for the first time since the event occurred.

After the game, Nurkic told the reporters that he didn’t think Green had learnt anything from his ban. Green has responded to Nurkic’s comments on his “The Draymond Green Show” podcast, as one might anticipate.

“Not very surprised that he went to the media and said what he said,” Green said in a statement. “Because that’s the same guy that collapsed on the ground when I made touch with him. Bro, you’re 300 pounds. Get up from the floor, bro. If he didn’t lay on the floor like that, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the penalty. But the person lay down like if he had died. The same individual then says, ‘He doesn’t deserve another chance.’ How are you, bro? What an embarrassment. They expect to win with that guy.”

Green has a reputation for being an instigator, making a career out of being contentious with opposing players. He knows how to walk the line while getting under people’s skin. As he sees them grow in frustration, he elevates his own play to capitalize on any potential slide.

Draymond Green And Jusuf Nurkic Exchange Words During First Meeting Since  The Infamous Punch - Fadeaway World

Phoenix is a direct rival to Golden State at present, as both teams are built around veteran stars and are fighting to contend for a championship this season. It would appear neither Green nor Nurkic are willing to back down from their current disagreement.

As long as both players keep things within the realm of professionalism on the court, their current feud will add excitement to future matchups between the Suns and Warriors. Casual NBA fans will be eager to see a potential playoff matchup between the two rosters.

However, Green will have to maintain his composure. The NBA is more interesting when he’s on the court and causing havoc.

Jusuf Nurkic's basketball intelligence fortifies his fit with the Suns  offensive attack - Bright Side Of The Sun

Furthermore, Green’s postseason chances are heavily reliant on his role in the Warriors’ rotation. He cannot risk being suspended for the third time this season, and Nurkic understands this. That is why he is escalating the situation. It’s intelligent, but it’s also risky.

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