Reading FC takeover news: Dai Yongge’s valuation and shock, Nigel Howe stance revealed

Updates on Mr Dai and former CEO Howe have been revealed recently, and we’ve compiled a list of the Royals’ most recent takeover news.
Reading managed to build on their success against Stevenage last week with a 2-0 victory over Charlton Athletic this weekend.
This has helped them to climb to 18th place, a significant boost for a team anxious to avoid back-to-back relegations; but, they must build on these victories if they are to ensure their survival.
Survival could help them stay solvent as a club, since the Royals have serious off-field issues with their ownership position.

It is evident that owner Dai Yongge’s time at the Select Car Leasing Stadium must come to an end soon, but a sale does not appear to be imminent.
A takeover is essential to ensure the club’s long-term viability, with many fans concerned about the potential of administration or liquidation.
Reading FC takeover news: Dai Yongge's valuation, Nigel Howe stance

A speedy sale, however, might avert this, however any possible investor must pass EFL tests to demonstrate they are capable of running the club responsibly.

With the takeover process dragging on, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent developments on the situation.

Dai Yongge’s evaluation of Reading FC
Dai has assessed the Royals at £30 million, according to The Athletic’s Sunday story.
Unfortunately for possible investors, it does not include the stadium at this time, according to the same journalist, but it is unknown how much he is willing to sell the SCL Stadium for.

The owner is also keen on including promotion bonuses in this contract, with Dai’s successor potentially willing to pay even more for the club if they can return to the Championship “in the coming seasons.”

Dai Yongge’s amazement among interested parties’ viewpoints

The owner is thought to be startled that investors now value the team at a lesser price following sales during the January transfer window.
The Royals are fortunate to have retained some key first-team players, including Lewis Wing, Harvey Knibbs, Femi Azeez, and Sam Smith.

However, some significant assets were sold, with Nelson Abbey, Tom Holmes, Tom McIntyre, Caylan Vickers, and Taylan Harris all departing over the previous period.

Abbey, Harris, and Vickers are all very promising young players who could have been sold for a great price in the future if they signed new contracts.

Nigel Howe delivers a Reading FC takeover update.
Following a meeting with Nigel Howe, who has taken on a crucial role in this transaction, the Reading Supporters’ Trust (STAR) said on X that good progress is being made on a sale.
They also disclosed that Dai is satisfied with at least one of the proposals on the table after being presented with them.

Meanwhile, Howe is determined to guarantee that the successful bidder is capable of taking the club ahead in the long run, which should allow the team to avoid a repeat of the previous year or two.

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