Alan Shearer and Micah Richards make the same Gary O’Neil point after Wolves beat Tottenham

Latest Wolves news from BirminghamLive as analysts debate the spectacular win over Spurs in the Premier League.
Alan Shearer, Micah Richards, and Gary Lineker discussed Wolverhampton Wanderers’ 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

Gary O’Neil’s side are now only three points behind Brighton in seventh place in the Premier League. Joao Gomes scored twice in either half, and Dejan Kulusevski added a consolation goal.

On the Rest is Football podcast, Shearer stated, “What a job, what a performance, what a game, what a win. Few people expected Wolves, Gary O’Neil, and the club to go there and beat Spurs the way they did. From what I observed, they were outstanding, and he did an excellent job.”

Alan Shearer and Micah Richards make the same Gary O'Neil point after  Wolves beat Tottenham - Birmingham Live

Following that, Richards went on to say: “When you’ve got a manager who speaks very well and is clear in his plan…all the players have brought into what he’s trying to do and he’s playing attacking football.”We have to give him so much credit. I always assumed Wolves would be fine since they have good players, but to see them playing like this away at Spurs… They seem to appear in every game. It’s not as if this is a one-time occurrence or that they get a significant outcome. When I’m observing them, I focus on consistency. “They always appear to be capable of doing something in the game.”

Meanwhile, Lineker concluded: “They’re only three points off what could potentially be a European berth, eighth.

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