BREAKING NEWS : Toronto Raptors has announces the departure of another key player

Barnes has appeared angry at times as losses mount up in Toronto, but seemed to love every second in Indianapolis.
Scottie Barnes has already witnessed the NBA’s All-Star Game up close, but this year was different.
The Toronto Raptors forward had participated in the Rising Stars game in his rookie and sophomore years, as well as a skills challenge in 2022, before doing so again this year, but playing in the actual main event is not the same thing.

The aim is that Barnes’ exposure to the NBA’s top players would instill in him a desire to reach their level and become an All-Star on a regular basis.

“I feel like I always have that inspiration, that motivation to try to come back as an All-Star,” Barnes told reporters in Indianapolis. “It’s one of my goals, and I’m going to keep fighting every year for it.”

Hopefully, it will also get him back to enjoying himself a little more, since the unbounded delight he shown on his route to winning rookie of the year has not been as evident in the two seasons after, despite averaging career highs across the board in 2023-24.

Raptors' Scottie Barnes wins NBA rookie of year, edges Evan Mobley - Los  Angeles Times
Barnes seemed to have a good time on Sunday. Even before his East squad defeated the West 211-186, he was seen singing along to ‘O Canada’ before the game. Barnes informed us that as a rookie, it took him between 10-15 games as a Raptor to memorize the lyrics to the Canadian National Anthem.

Barnes performed admirably for his team and adopted country, scoring 16 points and 8 rebounds in 18 minutes of action. The fun continued after the game, when Barnes threatened to dump Gatorade on MVP Damian Lillard while he was posing for photos with his trophy.

Barnes was asked about the enormous grin he gave when he heard his name announced as a first-time All-Star. “I’m always happy, I’m goofy,” Barnes told TSN’s Kayla Gray. “They call my name, I can’t help but smile, even if I try to hide it, it just comes out,” she remarked.

Tyrese Maxey, his friend and skills challenge teammate, chuckled at times when things didn’t go his or Barnes’ way.

“We tried our hardest. Scottie and I had a few mishaps. He dribbled the ball off his foot. I’m not sure what was going on there, but that’s fine,” Maxey told reporters. They, together with Trae Young, won the shooting section of the tournament and could have won the passing segment (they lost in a tie to Team Indiana, but Barnes performed admirably in that leg, getting accolades on the broadcast).

Overall, Barnes had a memorable weekend that could serve as a springboard for future opportunities.
“I enjoyed it. “I went out there and did what I do: rebound, push the pace, and play hard on defense,” Barnes told Sportsnet Central following the All-Star Game.

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