BREAKING NEWS : Boston Bruins legends Sent Out A Heartfelt Message to bruins fantastic star after his

“It’s Way More Fun Being Your Linemate” Sidney Crosby Sent Out A Heartfelt Message Congratulating Brad Marchand For 1,000 Games

Former colleagues, NHL stars, and Boston Bruins legends all sent congratulations messages to Brad Marchand, including Tyler Seguin, who humorously complemented Marchand’s style and appearance.

Seguin highlighted their time together in Boston and praised Marchand’s career and leadership as Bruins captain.

“It was an honor starting our careers together in Boston, winning a championship,”

Seguin continued.

“I’ve liked following your career from afar. Seeing you as a spouse and father, and now captain of the Boston Bruins. It’s incredible. Congratulations on your big night.

The tribute video also included words from Torey Krug, Nathan MacKinnon, and Sidney Crosby, who said it was more pleasurable to be Marchand’s linemate than to play against him.

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The Bruins hosted a pregame ceremony to celebrate Marchand’s 1,000th career game, and he got special remarks from Bruins icons Ray Bourque and Zdeno Chara.

Ty Anderson, a journalist for a major sports website, used X (previously Twitter) to distribute Sidney Crosby’s video message.


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In the letter, Crosby playfully recognized Marchand’s intimidating presence on the ice, saying,

“It’s way more fun to be your linemate than to play against you.”

Sidney Crosby’s passionate message to Marchand elicited strong emotions from fans, with some even hoping for a trade to send Crosby to Boston.

Marchand commemorated his milestone achievement in a custom-made varsity jacket with gold accents and the captain’s “C” symbolizing his leadership rank.

The Bruins issued a commemorative video with words from fellow 1,000-game club members and NHL players.

Crosby lauded Marchand’s constant performance and success, while Chara recognized his accomplishments and leadership.

Overall, Marchand’s accomplishment was lauded by teammates, opponents, and hockey fans alike.

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