Ambitious Huddersfield Town boss Andre Breitenreiter reveals his football philosophy

Huddersfield Town are preparing for a new era following the hiring of Andre Breitenreiter as their new head coach.
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Andre Breitenreiter has promised to play offensive football as Huddersfield Town’s new coach. Town’s administration has expressed a desire to see the Terriers play on the front foot in games, with CEO Jake Edwards stating the club’s “longer-term strategy of building an attack-minded, progressive style of football over a number of seasons”.

Breitenreiter detailed his football philosophy in his first news conference on Wednesday, stating that he wanted his team to play offensive and attractive football while also pressing hard out of possession.

Furthermore, the new head coach stated that he has the necessary players in place to begin executing his preferred style of play immediately.
“You need the players for this (type of football), this is the most important thing,” Breitenreiter said in a statement. “I can’t play aggressive football with solely defenders; we need these players to attack, press high, and win the ball.
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“To be honest, I was a former Bundesliga player for many years who wanted to play football and score goals. Defending is vital, but when you play football as a child, you want to score. This is what we want to do.

“It’s attractive for the supporters to see really vertical passes, and not like playing backwards the whole time, I don’t like this.”I want to play forward, make long runs behind the last row, generate chances, and have five or six people in the penalty area to score goals; this is what I enjoy. This is what I’d like to see, maybe on Saturday, but definitely in a few weeks.”

During Jon Worthington’s interim tenure as manager, the Terriers began to adopt a more attacking style. Town scored nine goals in the interim manager’s four games in charge, after scoring 21 in 23 games under his predecessor Moore.

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