LATEST NEWS : Tyreek Hill Upset About Miami Dolphins 2024 Trade

Tyreek Hill Upset About Trade That Could Upend Miami Dolphins 2024 Hopes

Tyreek Hill, a Miami Dolphins wide receiver, expressed concerns about a potential deal that could jeopardize the team’s chances for the 2024 season. Last month, the Dolphins suffered their second consecutive Wild Card loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins’ high-octane offense scored only seven points in the cold loss in Kansas City.

The Miami Dolphins could trade Jaylen Waddle.
The Dolphins are attempting to make some moves to prepare for the 2024 season. They hired Anthony Weaver as defensive coordinator. According to Sports Illustrated, former Dolphins

Mike Tennenbaum, executive vice president of football operations, stated this week that the organization may consider trading Jaylen Waddle for Chiefs cornerback Trent McDuffie.

“I love this one,” Tannenbaum said. “Two excellent young players. Trent McDuffie strongly supports Jaylen Waddle, and here’s why: If you’re Miami, you’re probably going to cut Xavien Howard as a cap casualty.

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So you get Trent McDuffie, a fantastic young talent. So that is for Miami. Tyreek Hill is obviously still a superb receiver. Kansas City requires a #1 receiver. Jaylen Waddle truly has a potential to be a No. 1.”

Tyreek Hill defended Waddle and Tua, disagreeing with Tannenbaum’s suggestion. Hill defended Waddle on Instagram with a few messages. He also backed quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who has been the focus of multiple trade rumors following the Dolphins’ early playoff collapse.

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“I’m all the way in Greece right now and I get on Twitter to see people talking crazy about dolphin football,” Hill remarked in a tweet.

Hill went on to say: “My boy waddle is the future, he is better than I was at this point in his career and for people in this fan base to want to trade him is ludicrous.”

“[Waddle] and Tua was special before me and will be special after I leave,” Hill noted in an email.

The Dolphins should make changes.
The Dolphins will have to make some roster decisions that will not sit well with several of their core players. According to Over The Cap, the Dolphins will enter the summer with a $51 million deficit.
They also need talented players to perform to their best capacity if they want to win the Super Bowl. The loss of Waddle would be detrimental to the Dolphins’ offense.

They can keep Waddle and Tua. But the Dolphins must score more than seven points in the Wild Card game next year to justify it.

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