Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers accused of ‘casual sexism’ after saying ‘good girl’ to BBC

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers accused of ‘casual sexism’ after saying ‘good girl’ to BBC reporter after terse radio interview, with one campaign group saying: ‘We thought dinosaurs were extinct’

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers drew criticism from women’s groups for saying ‘nice girl’ to a BBC Scotland reporter at the end of a harsh post-match interview.

Campaigners from For Women Scotland accused Celtic’s manager of ‘casual misogyny’.

They also urged him to apologise to Jane Lewis after their conversation was broadcast on the Sportsound radio programme following Sunday’s thrilling 3-1 victory against Motherwell at Fir Park.

Lewis had asked Rodgers to explain himself when he stated that, in terms of the title race, ‘the tale has already been written about this bunch, but we will create our own story’.

When she pushed him to expand, he sounded annoyed by the line of questioning and answered, ‘No, no, you know precisely what I mean.’


Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers was accused of ‘casual sexism’ after saying ‘excellent girl’ to BBC reporter Jane Lewis at the end of a tense radio interview following his team’s victory over Motherwell.
Lewis urged Rodgers to expound on a strange comment he made concerning the title competition.
Lewis pressed Rodgers for an explanation, but he appeared to end the interview with the words, ‘Done, nice girl, well done.’

Lewis, a television veteran with decades of experience, has not commented on the situation and is believed to be unconcerned.

However, a spokesperson for the Scottish Feminist Network stated that Jane Lewis was simply doing her job by attempting to get an explanation from Brendan Rodgers over his cryptic comment.

‘That the go-to attitude was condescending is pretty illuminating, but also rather dismal in 2024. We assumed dinosaurs were extinct.

For Women Scotland campaigners demanded an apology from Rodgers.

A representative stated, ‘It’s disappointing that casual sexism is still prevalent in sports. Women’s accomplishments are undervalued and ignored, and their professional standing suffers. Rodgers owes the reporter an apology.

Meanwhile, former Hibs midfielder Tam McManus called Rodgers’ comments ‘utterly disgusting’ on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Celtic declined to comment when approached by Mail Sport on Sunday night.

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