LATEST NEWS : Milan and Juventus shown up by Inter with financial transfer record in past five years

AC Milan and Juventus have slipped well behind Inter in terms of transfer revenue over the last five years, according to a research.

According to the CIES Football Observatory (via, Juventus and Milan are the two teams that have lost the most money in the Serie A transfer market over the last five years.
It is normal for the biggest clubs to rank low on this statistic because they do not tend to sell players for more than they were bought for, and they have larger revenue streams from other sources than other teams.

This is demonstrated by the likes of.

Sassuolo, Udinese, Atalanta, and Empoli have the biggest profits during the last five years. These teams’ business model is to produce/buy players who will later be sold for a re or partial profit.

Notable transfers between Juventus and Milan : r/soccer

However, Inter have performed significantly better than Milan and Juventus. The Nerazzurri have lost €19 million over the last five years, while Milan has lost a stunning €205 million. Juventus has suffered even more losses, totaling €220 million.
It is additional evidence of Inter director Beppe Marotta’s success in the transfer market in recent seasons.

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