JUST IN : Zlatan must find another Zlatan – Milan’s new No.9 could come from

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s list of objectives for the summer transfer window includes identifying the striker of the future, ideally one who can replicate his influence at AC Milan, which began in 2010 and continues a decade later.
According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ibrahimovic is increasingly likely to have a significant influence on Milan’s plans for next season. It is up to him to monitor the team’s moods, smooth off their rough edges, and plan for a better future.

He will have an impact on the question marks surrounding Stefano Pioli’s future, which Milan’s performance in the Europa League will strongly influence, making it too early to predict what will happen.

Pioli can boast a Scudetto, a Champions League semi-final, and what appears to be a fourth consecutive Champions League participation. Of course, there were dark, tough moments, but it was precisely during those times that the team displayed its unity on his behalf.

GdS: Zlatan must find another Zlatan - Milan's new No.9 could come from  Feyenoord

The true challenge is how to strengthen a superb Milan side that must make a further leap in quality to catch Inter, and this is the more difficult and evocative task that Ibrahimovic faces, with the centre-forward dilemma sticking out above all.

Last summer, ten new acquisitions were made possible by the sale of Sandro Tonali. However, this trend will not continue. This time, Milan should set two goals: keep the top players and sign a striker for the future.

Nobody at Milan is more suited to pick the next No.9 than Zlatan, who is regarded as one of the best in the sport’s history. Someone like Ibra cannot be reproduced, but the 41-year-old should be able to see past the stats and determine whether they have the appropriate character.

There are numerous names, and Ibra and his team undoubtedly have the knowledge to investigate the Italian, European, and global markets. According to the article, Santiago Gimenez, 22, a striker for Feyenoord, could be a candidate.

He does not have Zlatan’s physicality, but he has a keen eye for goal (23 this season) and a burning drive to improve each year. Qualities are important, but character – and no one understands this more than Ibra – may make all the difference.

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