AC Milan are now leading Juventus and Dortmund in a race to sign another fantastic midfielder

According to reports, AC Milan is one of the elite teams in Italy and Europe that have expressed interest in Palermo’s emerging star Giuseppe Pipitó.

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According to MilanNews, Pipitó could soon change clubs. The 14-year-old midfielder presently plays for Palermo’s Giovanissimi Nazionali U15 team, although his contract with the Sicilian club expires in June.

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Given that he can leave on a free transfer in the summer, he is attracting interest from numerous prominent Italian and overseas clubs. In addition to Roma, Juventus, and Borussia Dortmund, Milan’s administration has recruited young Rosanero potential.

MN: Milan join Juventus and Dortmund in race to sign Palermo starlet

Pipitó has already scored 10 league goals this season, the most recent coming on February 25th against Cosenza. He had 17 goals and 15 assists for the U14s, earning him an early promotion to the U15s.

According to Gazzetta Regionale, the teenager is a left-footed player who can play in any attacking position but is now bashful and introverted.

They spoke with Pamela Conti (former Italy player and current Venezuelan women’s national team coach), who has firsthand experience with him at an academy.
“Giuseppe came to my football school when he was four years old. He is a pure left-footed player with superb technique, but what differentiates him is that he never stops; at my football school, he practiced with all age groups,” she explained.

“He was our flag, our strong point, and our treasure. He is a very quiet, introverted youngster who expresses himself through the ball, which is a spectacle for me, as if he were a son!

“Even as a toddler, he displayed an attitude that is uncommon in such young children. At six years old, he scored a goal, took the ball, and returned it to the centre, waited for the referee’s whistle to attack again and score another goal.

“I have rarely seen a child like this. He has all the attributes to be a great footballer, and his talent is obvious.”

Milan’s recent moves have demonstrated that they are constantly striving to recruit talent for the youth ranks while also cultivating what they already have, particularly in light of the impending registration of a U23 squad.

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