LATEST NEWS : What Ravens new signing Derrick Henry said about playing with Lamar Jackson as a teammate

Derrick Henry has signed the Baltimore Ravens to play alongside Lamar Jackson, whom he had previously praised after meeting at the Pro Bowl.

The Ravens have signed Henry as their starter running back on a two-year contract worth $20 million. Henry is known as one of the most difficult running backs to stop, and now he’ll be paired with Jackson.

Together, they could be an amazing double act. Jackson is a feared for his legs as well as his arm and Henry will now add a new dimension to his offense.

Long before joining the Ravens, Henry praised Jackson. He even admitted back in 2020 he wanted to play within him some day. Now he gets his chance after leaving the Tennessee Titans.

Back in 2020, Henry talked about Jackson, saying: “He’s a Florida boy… I think it’s the water that we drink coming up as kids. To me, I think he is a generational player as well. He is so hard to defend. Reigning MVP. And his resume speaks for itself.

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“He’s so hard to defend because he is so dangerous with his legs, and he can throw it. He’s a dynamic player and he’s been great for those guys. Us Florida boys we pride ourselves on our speed and being fast. I think we all take pride in that.”

The two stars have appeared in commercials together and became friends after meeting at the Pro Bowl several times. Henry commented, “He’s a funny person. I got to spend a lot of time with him at the Pro Bowl and the offseason.

Jackson won his second MVP award last season, which also marked the start of his new offensive approach. The Ravens had hired Todd Monken from the Georgia Bulldogs to be their offensive coordinator.

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Henry is now his team’s primary rushing back after Gus Edwards moved to the Los Angeles Chargers. At 30 years old, Henry’s new contract is one of the largest for a running back in free agency this year, trailing only Saquon Barkley, who signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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