BREAKING NEWS : Baltimore Ravens has confirms key player exit, as he eyes up Kansas City Chiefs move

Odell Beckham Jr will not return to the Baltimore Ravens in 2024, as he evaluates his options for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are rumored to be reuniting.

Beckham Jr. is officially a free agent after confirming his decision to leave the Baltimore Ravens, and he is considering his options for the 2024 season. His previous one-year, £18 million contract from 2023 was revised in January.

However, the arrangement called for him to be released after June if both sides couldn’t agree before the new football season began. But Sunday put an end to any hopes of the experienced player staying with the Ravens again, adding fuel to rumors of an implausible trade to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Beckham Jr. posted a goodbye letter on Instagram to Ravens supporters, expressing regret for not securing a Super Bowl victory for them. “Swear on everything, I appreciate the Flock more than y’all could ever imagine,” Beckham Jr wrote on Instagram.

“I took full advantage of the possibilities that came my way. I wish I could do it large for you all. Thanks for the Vibez! To the City of Baltimore, I’ll be with you forever FRRRR. And, most importantly, I love my brothers over there! BiggestTruzzz.”

Odell Beckham Jr. landing spots following Ravens release

Beckham Jr. didn’t flourish in 2023, scoring only three touchdowns. Despite this, Beckham Jr. has no plans to slow down just yet.

The 31-year-old is looking for another huge paycheck before hanging up his NFL boots and has expressed interest in joining the Chiefs. This may tempt the Chiefs, who are low on veteran receivers and looking for their third Super Bowl win in a row.

After Tyreek Hill joined the Miami Dolphins, there were questions about whether the Chiefs could still excel on offense. These concerns were unjustified, as they won two consecutive championships without Hill, becoming the first team to do so since the New England Patriots in 2004.

The Chiefs might find it difficult to pass up the opportunity to sign Beckham Jr. for a year. However, issues may occur as a result of Travis Kelce’s romantic relationship with Swift, particularly given Beckham Jr.’s purported infatuation with Kardashian.

If the Chiefs opt to bring Beckham Jr. on board, emotions may erupt between Swift and

Kardashians unavoidably meet paths during sporting events, because to Kanye West’s disputed hit ‘Famous’, which was released when he was dating Kim. West claimed to have made Swift famous, among other things, and Swift disliked the song because West referred to her as a “b****” in it.

Kardashian attempted to defend her husband by claiming Swift was aware of the song prior to its release, but Kelce’s girlfriend denied this. The beef became public, with phone calls leaked and allegations leveled.

Kardashian’s feelings toward Swift have altered after her breakup with West, and she has even promoted the singer’s new songs on social media. It remains to be seen whether there have been any private apologies.

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