LATEST NEWS : Kyrie Irving On San Antonio Spurs Star Player, He Saide He Has All The Tools To Be Named Defensive Player Of The Year”

Following the Mavericks’ 113-107 victory over the Spurs, Kyrie Irving spoke out about Victor Wembanyama’s generational defensive play. Irving predicted Wembanyama would easily win Defensive Player of the Year this season.

“He’s exhibiting hints that he’s outperformed all past Defensive Player of the Year winners. I’m not sure who they’ll pick, but he’s got all the tools to be Defensive Player of the Year.”

Kyrie couldn’t distinguish Wemby’s defensive qualities from the other stars who have won in recent years.

“He’s definitely a candidate. I’m not sure how he wouldn’t be unless the game or minutes were played, but he has won every Defensive Player of the Year award in recent years. He’s almost head and shoulders, and we still have 15 or so games left.”

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Wemby’s single-handed defensive influence resulted in Luka Doncic’s worst offensive game of his career, with 18 points on 27 shot attempts. Kyrie led the squad with 28 points, showing no fear of Wemby’s generational defensive ability.

Wembanyama has struggled in every game against the Mavericks this season. Last night, he only scored 12 points but had six blocks. He would have easily won Defensive Player of the Year this season as a rookie if his team’s record had been even remotely competent. Kyrie believes his talent has earned that honor, but he must lead his team to victory in order to have a legitimate chance at winning the trophy.

Victor Wembanyama and Kyrie Irving have had their moments.
On the floor, Wemby and Kyrie appear to have a very close relationship. After Luka struggled to score the ball and was further hampered by a hamstring issue, Irving took the lead on the floor with confidence. Irving continued to play the same way he did even with Wemby in the paint, later claiming that if you can finish at the rim against Wembanyama, you can do so against anyone in the NBA.

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“I enjoy going in there and pushing him because I believe that if you can beat Wemby, you can beat anyone in the world. He’ll block some shots and force you to adapt your game, but it will only make you a better basketball player.”

Irving scored one of the best buckets of the season with a spectacular shot over Wembanyama the previous time the two teams played. Irving is also coming off a fantastic buzzer-beating floater/hook shot over Nikola Jokic. Because of his exceptional basketball talent and touch, the 12-year veteran is not afraid to confront tall centers near the rim.

Kyrie averages 25.4 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.2 assists this season. Wembanyama is the current favorite for Rookie of the Year, averaging 20.7 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 3.5 blocks.

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