LATEST NEWS : Iowa Hawkeye’s Women March Madness History: How many times has Iowa won March Madness?

The Hawkeyes are now considered the second best team in the competition.
Caitlin Clark hopes to avenge her national championship game loss to the LSU Tigers in the 2022/23 NCAA final by delivering glory to the Iowa Hawkeyes before leaving the team for good, but how many titles have they won historically?

68 college teams compete for the championship title in a single-elimination format. The tournament creates heated competition, stunning upsets, and Cinderella stories as underdogs fight favorites.

The March Madness takes place over numerous rounds, from the thrilling First Four to the final Final Four, with legendary performances and buzzer-beaters etching themselves into basketball history.

Iowa Hawkeye's Women March Madness History: How many times has Iowa won  March Madness? | Marca

March becomes a month of unrelenting excitement, with brackets scrutinized, aspirations crushed, champions emerging, and the Hawkeyes aiming to win their first title game in 29 attempts.

The appearance in 2022/23 marks their only appearance in the championship game, and they want to use it as a learning experience for this season in terms of pressure management.

Has Caitlin Clark won any national championships?
Clark did not win the national championship game, although she came close in 2022/23 when they advanced to the last round of the March Madness competition, when she was defeated by Angel Reese’s LSU Tigers.

How many times has Iowa women's basketball team made the NCAA tournament?
Clark shone in the game, scoring 30 points and dishing out eight assists, but it wasn’t enough to keep the Hawkeyes from losing by a big margin, as they fell 102-85. Despite the loss, Clark set the NCAA tournament record for most points with 191, and her 60 assists are the most by a woman.

She is now vying for her first and final championship title in order to avenge the loss, and she is in excellent shape to do so, as she is the all-time NCAA basketball points leader and a dangerous three-point shooter, making her a threat to any team.

This will be her last chance to win, as she has declared her decision to declare for the WNBA Draft, which means she will leave the NCAA once and for all to pursue her basketball career.

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