Market settled Tim White’s $300,000 asking price, led to extension with Tiger-Cats

CFL all-star Tim White demanded top-of-the-market compensation in CFL free agency, but the Tiger-Cats were unwilling to pay it blindly.

Hamilton general manager Ed Hervey wanted to be patient and let free agency decide whether White was worth his $300,000 asking price.

“That number was circulating, but until something becomes a reality, you don’t know how you’ll react to it. From our perspective, Tim was a priority for our football squad, but we had such different expectations. “I believed that the market needed to go and demonstrate its capabilities,” Hervey remarked.

“Free agency is never personal. That’s what gets thrown out; there’s a sense that there’s a schism between the agent and the team, or the athlete and the team. The agent handled all business, and contact took place on a daily basis. I believe both sides were well aware of the market and had to let it play out.

The Ticats and White have agreed on a two-year contract paying $210,000 in hard money for the 2024 season, with an extra $25,300 attainable in playtime, performance, and awards incentives. In 2025, he is expected to make $224,800 in hard money, with the same amount available in playtime, performance, and awards bonuses.

“Free agency is an interesting time for players and teams because there’s so much unpredictability. Given the situation, we went into free agency prepared and understanding where our priorities were. Clearly through our efforts, Tim proved to be someone that was a priority for us and we were successful at getting Tim for more than one year, which I think bodes well for both sides,” Hervey said.

Market settled Tim White's $300,000 asking price, led to extension with  Tiger-Cats - 3DownNation
“I liked to believe that with all optimism that it was gonna get done. Did we think that we were going to lose Tim White? Tim White was a priority for us — we were all in lockstep. It was a decision that Tim had to come to with respect to where the market was and where he wanted to finish his career.”

In 2023, the 29-year-old caught 75 passes for a career-high 1,269 yards and eight touchdowns, leading the league in receiving yards and second down conversions. He was named a CFL all-star for the second year in a row, as well as an East Division all-star for the third consecutive season.

“I kept in touch with Tim without hounding him, simply telling him how much he meant to us and that we wanted them back. “I don’t get involved in things like numbers, contracts, and so on,” remarked head coach Scott Milanovich.

“Ed and I are on the same page; I know he will do what’s best for the organization and the athlete. As a coach, I believe that sometimes you must prepare for the worst-case scenario; I know I am wired that way. I’m really glad we were able to bring him back; he’s an important piece of our offense.”

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