LATEST NEWS : Angel Reese under fire for poor decision-making against Middle Tennessee

The LSU star’s decision-making was scrutinized by pundits and fans.
During Sunday’s NCAA Tournament game, LSU’s Angel Reese faced heavy scrutiny for her performance against Middle Tennessee State.
Andraya Carter comes down hard on Angel Reese.
Despite being favored by double digits, LSU trailed 36-32 at halftime against the Blue Raiders, leading fans and observers to criticize the team’s plans.

During ESPN’s halftime analysis, Andraya Carter criticized the LSU offense’s wasted opportunities and questionable decisions, focusing on Angel Reese’s performance.

Carter questioned Reese’s shot selection and decision-making, pointing out times where he failed to capitalize on offensive opportunities, thereby giving Middle Tennessee an advantage.

“Angel Reese went 3-for-10 from the field. I understand they’re being physical with her, but she’s not making sound judgments. She comes down the floor, full court, but misses the layup. So, what happens on the next possession? She comes.

down, and instead of kicking it out, she lays up with two defenders surrounding her.”

Rebecca Lobo mirrored Carter’s words, praising Middle Tennessee’s calmness and decision-making throughout the game.

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Despite LSU’s defensive efforts, Middle Tennessee’s ability to control the pace of the game and capitalize on transition opportunities presented a problem to the Tigers.
Angel Reese is accused of “cherry-picking”.

Fans rushed to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the LSU star, with many criticizing Reese’s performance during the game.

“I love how the commentators just called Angel Reese out for cherry-picking! “That’s incredible,” a fan said on X.

“I guess Angel Reese don’t believe in defense. She stay cherry picking,” another added.

“Angel Reese so nasty for cherry picking in a TOURNAMENT GAME and then GETTING BLOCKED lmaoooo,” another noted.

However, the second half saw a remarkable turnaround for LSU.

Led by standout performances from Flau’jae Johnson, a focused Angel Reese, and Aneesah Morrow, the Tigers outscored Middle Tennessee 51-15, securing a spot in the Sweet Sixteen of the tournament.
As they prepare to face their next opponent in the Sweet Sixteen (winner between UCLA and Creighton), LSU will undoubtedly look to address the issues highlighted during their matchup against Middle Tennessee and build upon their second-half resurgence.

The final score of the game was 56-83 with Reese contributing 20 points and 11 rebounds

While Angel Reese received criticism for her first-half performance, her contributions in the second half were critical in clinching LSU’s victory and keeping their aspirations for a tournament repeat alive.

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