LATEST NEWS : The Miami Dolphins offered fantastic star player a contract, Why didn’t he sign?

The out-of-work pass catcher met with the Dolphins, and things went so well that an offer was extended. So, why hasn’t OBJ signed a contract?
We previously reported that the Super Bowl-winning wide receiver was scheduled to visit the Miami Dolphins. Indeed, the possibility of such a successful player joining what is widely regarded as the NFL’s most explosive offense piqued interest. Ultimately, it appears that nothing happened. Why?

The Dolphins made an offer to OBJ.
According to sources, Odell Beckham Jr’s visit to the Miami Dolphins last week resulted in a contract offer, but the 31-year-old declined. Speaking at the NFL’s league meetings in Orlando, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel revealed that the team had made an offer to OBJ, but nothing had been completed, implying that Beckham’s signing is still on the table.

“Everything went well with him,” McDaniel added. “We made him an offer, and business takes time, especially with somebody like Odell, who has had a fantastic career, still has a lot of terrific football ahead of him, and has options. So, I believe those conversations will continue. “We’ll see where they go.”

Mike McDaniel on the Dolphins’ meeting with Odell Beckham Jr. and his likely signing in Miami:

“Everything went well with him. We made him an offer, but business takes time.

He adds that while OBJ will have alternatives, both sides will continue to collaborate.

Beckham is, of course, coming off a one-year, $15 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens. During his tenure in Baltimore, he caught 35 passes for 565 yards and three touchdowns. To be honest, it’s unclear whether Beckham can recover the form that saw him surpass 50 catches and 1000 yards in 2019. Nonetheless, he remains one of the most talked-about wide receivers in the league, thanks in part to his two catches and one touchdown in the Los Angeles Rams’ 2021 Super Bowl victory. So, how does such a talent fit into a roster that already has Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle? Worst-case scenario, he offers valuable

Odell Beckham Jr completes first free agency meeting as AFC contender eyes  wide receiver move | DAZN News GB

Experience that can only assist two young, promising receivers. Best-case scenario, we see the old OBJ. When you think about it, the Dolphins got a really good deal.
Tyreek Hill: “I do things that many cannot do”
The Miami Dolphins’ standout receiver speaks with Diario AS during his camp with the Madrid Bravos about his career, future, objectives, and playing in Spain.

When discussing who the best wide receiver in the NFL is, Tyreek Hill is usually the first name that comes up. Hill, who joined the Miami Dolphins in 2022 following a high-profile departure from the Kansas City Chiefs, where he won the Super Bowl two years ago, led the league in receiving yards (1,799) and touchdown receptions. Hill’s 200 meter sprint time at age 18 was 20.14 seconds, good enough for two medals at the U-20 World Championships, and it was a speed that almost convinced Hill to pursue a career in sports. It also renders him virtually indefensible in the NFL.

Hill collaborated with the European Football League’s Madrid Bravos to host a mini youth camp, the Soul Runner Speed Academy, and visited their facilities in Las Rozas, just outside of Madrid. Hill spoke candidly with Diario AS about his career.

Question: I am going to present you as the top receiver in the NFL. Am I correct to do so?

Answer: That’s correct. Of course, I consider myself the top receiver in the league. I believe I am capable of performing tasks that many receivers are unable to complete. That adds value to a special teams game. I can jump, catch, run any type of route, and be

Will Odell Beckham Jr. be back with the Ravens next season? It's a  complicated question. – Baltimore Sun

I’m open one-on-one and can make plays on third down… Whatever it takes is on the menu. I’m like McDonald’s; I have a complete menu of options.

This isn’t your first time in Spain; you won two medals in the U-20 World Athletics Championships in Barcelona in 2012. What do you think about the country?

This is my second visit to Spain, though the first was in Madrid. I really want to go on a tour of the city. I’d like to see Retiro Park, I believe that’s its name. So I’m looking forward to discovering everything, and I plan to bring my family here one day.

“I’m like McDonald’s, I have a whole list of menu items.”

Yes, I am extremely excited about it. Any chance you get to play an NFL game overseas, I believe it says a lot. This is how you expand your brand and make it bigger. If we have the opportunity to play a game in Madrid, I would love to attend.

Ravens' Odell Beckham Jr. is treating Week 1 similar to NFL debut: 'The  whole thing feels like a reset for me' -

You were in Paris prior to visiting Madrid, which is hosting the Olympic Games this year. Flag football will make its debut in Los Angeles in 2028. Do you want to compete in the event

What legacy do you want to leave in the NFL? Both on and off the field.

I want people to know that when I played football, I played fast and with purpose. Without backing down from any challenge. And off the field, I just want people to know the person, and understand that I have wanted to travel around the planet and inspire young people around the world. I think that’s the nicest thing, man. God uses me every day, teaches me different things and makes me learn. I am just a temple, I just carry a body, and he uses me to influence kids to love this sport, to love what they do every day, to work hard, to stick with passion and consistency in whatever they do. are doing. That’s why I want to be remembered, for being able to inspire the entire world, not just in the United States.

Odell Beckham Jr. focusing on Ravens' success, but his production is 'not  where I want to be' – Baltimore Sun

The league has changed the kickoff returns, one of its specialties.

That there is a change like this can undoubtedly change many games because many teams have a dangerous return man. The Dolphins are one of those teams with several players like that. So I think it adds value to many players, also in the money that can be paid to them. It may be that they are going to pay you ‘X’ money, but since you have returned a certain number of serves, it adds value to players who may not be the best receivers. And it adds value to the game in the returns, so it’s definitely going to help. Also, when you add the injury factor, if you think about it, in a kickoff like before, guys are running at full speed and crash like that. With this new rule, it cuts it in half, I think. I think it adds value, security, it also increases the value of the players, and I think it is good for the sport. And it also makes it more exciting because people will see more returns.

Odell Beckham Jr. agrees to deal with Ravens - The Japan Times

“I would love to play in Madrid and the Los Angeles Olympic Games”
Tyreek Hill
You’ve received passes from Patrick Mahomes and now Tua Tagovailoa. What makes them so special?

What distinguishes them is their respective approaches to preparation. Both are the first to arrive at the facility and the last to depart. And that speaks volumes about both of them. Pat is clearly the best quarterback in the game, having just won two Super Bowls in a succession. That reveals all you need to know about him. And Tua is steadily climbing the quarterback rankings. Every year, it improves, and there are morePeople fail to recognize that things are improving. He is not losing ground; rather, he is advancing in his career.

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