Charlotte Hornets Announcer Bleats Like A Goat After Amazing Highlight Dunk

Eric Collins, a Charlotte Hornets commentator, lost his mind after a Hornets player dunk during Wednesday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks.

During the second quarter of Wednesday night’s game, Hornets swingman Brandon Miller delivered a hammer-like windmill dunk.

“Ahhhh, what just happened?!” Collins screamed in response to the spectacular dunk.
“Brandon Miller happened!” Collins screamed, answering his own question.

Carolina Blitz Exclusive Interview with Hornets' Announcer Eric Collins |  Carolina Blitz
The Miller dunk was spectacular, without a doubt. However, I believe the Collins call is even more spectacular. Collins’ pure decibel level is difficult to grasp. He tuned into a frequency that may not be audible to some humans.

Miller is known for his crazy responses to the Hornets’ spectacular plays. (Related: ‘Disgusting’: NBA Coach Rips Into His Own Team After Star Player Scores 63 In Loss.)

Two months ago, he made a tremendous call on another Brandon Miller highlight, exploding out with the legendary “ohhh, ecstasy!”

Collins’ actions may offend some people. But I personally adore them. He has received criticism for being over the top, but he works in the entertainment industry. His duty is to literally get everyone going. While athletes should be the center of any sporting product, they are far from the only aspect in creating an entertainment experience.

In today’s attention economy, when hundreds of thousands of products compete for eyeballs, you must do something to differentiate yourself. Collins is doing more than just that.

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