University of Iowa revealed Caitlin Clark and teammates contribution to to the local economy during their time

Caitlin Clark, Iowa women’s basketball’s record-breaking star, has had a considerable impact on the local economy in addition to her on-court accomplishments. According to Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague, Clark and her colleagues contributed a stunning $82.5 million to the local economy while attending the University of Iowa.
Clark’s contribution to the court has been nothing short of spectacular. She concluded her college career as the most prolific scorer in major Division I college basketball history, stunning audiences with her skill and talent.

Despite losing to South Carolina in the national championship game, Clark’s legacy as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) is set in many people’s minds.
Clark is a crowd magnet.
Off the court, the Iowa Hawkeyes guard’s star power is equally strong. Her ability to engage audiences and inspire excitement for women’s basketball has resulted in record TV numbers, including a national title game that attracted millions more viewers than the men’s national title game.


Clark’s economic significance on the Iowa women’s basketball team cannot be understated. The team’s success resulted in sold-out arenas and increased attendance at games. Local businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, benefited significantly from the increased foot traffic on game days.

A study by the Common Sense Institute (CSI) further highlights Clark’s economic impact. The study found that soaring attendance at Iowa women’s basketball games during Clark’s career contributed between $14.4 and $52.3 million to Iowa’s economy. This increase in attendance was also reflected in out-of-state fans, with attendance from non-residents growing by over 38,000 fans.

Caitlin Clark (center), coach Lisa Bluder (L), and guard Kate Martin...

Overall, Clark’s impact on Iowa’s economy has been nothing short of remarkable. Her talent, charisma, and record-breaking performances have not only elevated women’s basketball but have also provided a significant boost to the local economy, making her a true superstar both on and off the court.


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