LeBron James’ controversial take on Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese having advantage over NBA players

The Los Angeles Lakers star believes female basketball players can establish their brands more efficiently.

Caitlin Clark’s legacy grows with each passing day. Clark set numerous records throughout his four seasons at Iowa and twice won the National Championship.
Along the way, she attracted millions of new fans and led a movement that increased women’s basketball popularity among casual viewers. NBA legend LeBron James has praised Clark, but he believes she benefited from staying in college.

LeBron James believes Caitlin Clark became famous because she attended Iowa for four years.

The most notable difference between women’s and men’s sports is that we can enter the NBA directly after our freshman year. In the women’s game, you may establish your legacy while also developing your connection and brand with that fan base and community. Caitlin Clark… you can see how these girls grow year after year. You get a woman to stay on campus for three or four years. I believe this is due in large part to the popularity of their sport.

LeBron James Voices Unease Over Transfer Portal's Influence on Caitlin Clark  and Angel Reese's Popularity - EssentiallySports


When you consider the early stages of James’ playing career, his perspective is somewhat eye-opening. During his high school years, James’ popularity skyrocketed, with ESPN airing his games nationwide and reporting them as if they were professional games.
If James had gone Ohio State or another college, he might have established a larger fan base. But he didn’t necessarily need the extra years before entering the NBA to get more recognition.

Furthermore, nothing prevents men’s players from staying in college for more than one season.

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