THIS GUY IS 2 GOOD : The Sacramento Kings have truly found a diamond in the rough

The entire city of Sacramento has been buzzing with his name for quite some time, and now the rest of the NBA is discovering who Keon Ellis is as well. The attention is well-deserved.

Keon Ellis is a hooper. It’s simple to enjoy the game when you’re always given great opportunities and everyone believes in you. Ellis didn’t have that luxury. He took one of the most hardest pathways to the NBA, having to play his way from community college to a Division I school. He left Alabama in 2022, went undrafted, signed a two-way contract with the Kings, and spent his first NBA season in the G League.

Only two years later, he is a starter on a team with playoff ambitions in a loaded Western Conference. Ellis is a defensive player, which the Kings urgently needed. The 24-year-old navigates screens like practically no other player, gets steals and deflections at an elite level, and never backs down from a battle.

His play has dramatically reshaped the Kings’ defensive identity, but he has also proven to be a capable offensive player, hitting around 40% from three. Ellis’ two-way potential was on full display during the Kings’ first Play-In victory over the Warriors.

Sacramento Kings Sign Keon Ellis - The NBA G League

Ellis just played the biggest game of his young NBA career
Missing two key offensive contributors due to injuries, the Kings were not the favorite in yesterday’s Play-In Tournament game against the Warriors. Nevertheless, they came out and secured the win with an impressive two-way performance to keep their playoff hopes alive.
Ellis was a big part of that. He guarded Stephen Curry as well as humanly possible and chipped in 15 points on the other end of the floor. In his very first NBA postseason game, Ellis played almost 40 minutes and did everything he needed to do.

Sacramento Kings Sign Keon Ellis |
Especially his offense was huge. Malik Monk has been a crucial part of any success the Kings have recently had over the Warriors. Someone had to step up in his absence, and Ellis answered the call, providing some secondary playmaking and three-point shooting.

He is a good shooter but does not have the same reputation as Monk or Kevin Huerter. The Warriors were willing to leave him open at times so they could focus on De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis. He made them pay, converting three of his four three-point shots.

A player’s first postseason experience might be difficult, but Ellis overcame the initial limelight and continues to improve.
Keon Ellis may be a big contributor for the Kings for years.

Discovering Ellis in this manner is significant for the Kings. 3-and-D guys do not come cheap in today’s game because every team requires them, but Ellis has a fairly cheap contract for the next three seasons.

He has already established himself as a defensive stalwart and effective rotation player. With more experience, he will only improve, which will be beneficial to the Kings as they continue to develop a contender in the West.

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