AC Milan has already made decision on Stefano Pioli job with the club, dependent on

AC Mila star Mauro Tassotti has denied that coach Stefano Pioli’s job is dependent on tonight’s result at AS Roma.

Milan is down 1-0 heading into the second leg of their Europa League quarterfinal.

Tassotti told “Pioli has been with Milan since 2019, therefore the club is well aware of his qualities. This is to suggest that it cannot entirely be based on one match, which can go well or poorly for a variety of reasons; definitely, a disastrous defeat or a spectacular victory can affect the decision.

“But essentially the decision has already been made.”

Stefano Pioli: "We deserved a draw in the first leg with Roma."

He also stated: “Until two games ago, it appeared that Milan was on the rise; the squad had won a string of games in a row and appeared to be doing well. The encounter against Sassuolo is a test that must be taken up to a certain point, given that Pioli correctly rested many players; after all, the Champions League spot is certain.

“Let’s say, however, that making a good impression in Sassuolo would have helped emotionally, because after a so-so performance against Roma the risk is to see things negatively.”

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