Pokusevski explains departure from Thunder, names teammates he’s grateful for

Pokusevski claimed that he did not see himself in the Thunder rotation and decided to leave the team. Since landing in Charlotte, he has been pleased with his playing time and future potential, and he thanks Grant Williams and Vasilije Micic for being inspirational teammates.
Aleksej Pokusevski experienced a different NBA season in 2023-24. It was the first time he had shifted teams throughout his four-year professional tenure.
Pokusevski was dismissed by the Oklahoma City Thunder in February and later signed with the Charlotte Hornets. After being a regular rotation player for the first three years, the Serbian wing’s role and minutes decreased considerably. That’s when he realized it wasn’t worth staying with the same organization anymore.

“Some injuries happened that slowed me down and left me a little behind the team that progressed at high speed while I was out, and when the season started and until I moved to Charlotte, I didn’t get a real chance to get back on the field and into the rotation,” Pokusevski said in an interview with Mozzart Sport’s Bojan Brezovac. “For the first few weeks, when I saw what was happening, I didn’t care, but I broke it down very quickly, put my feelings away, and agreed on the termination of [our] cooperation.”

“When I broke up with Oklahoma, I was focused on the NBA. I always have all of the possibilities in my mind and think about what is best.

make decisions when the time comes. Cool heads,” the player said.
Not with the Hornets, Pokusevski is seeing increased playing time, averaging 19.2 minutes per game with Charlotte. His averages are also up, rising to 7.4 points and 4.4 rebounds per game.

Talking about the change of scenery that brought him to Charlotte, Pokusevskis singled out two teammates who helped him throughout the process – Grant Williams and Vasilije Micic.

Hornets sign former Thunder 1st-round pick

“It’s a positive feeling which is very important for me for things to come. I’m happy to end the season playing at a good level compared to what happened at the beginning. I’m grateful for the chance I got from the Hornets. I have to highlight Grant Williams, who came to me with a lot of advice. He is experienced for his young age and a very good guy who is eager to help,” Poku singled out his teammate.

“I have to mention that Vaske has been with me this season, from the time of the injury before the season began until now. He had a significant impact on my work and mindset, which helped me grow even while I wasn’t playing for a few months. “He helped me stay prepared until the end,” the 22-year-old stated. “When the opportunity presented itself in Charlotte, I took full advantage of it. I am grateful that he was at my side every day during the difficult times.”

Micic arrived to the NBA as the EuroLeague MVP, after establishing himself as one of Europe’s top players. Despite his accomplishments, the Serbian point guard had to change teams from the Thunder to

The Hornets are also hoping to see more playing time.

After going to Charlotte, Micic’s averages improved from 3.3 points per game to 10.8, while his assist averages
“I did not actively influence him to join the NBA and the Thunder. He wanted to test himself in the NBA and grow as a player by taking on new challenges. We communicated a few times before his arrival, so he had a better idea of what was in store for him,” Pokusevski recalled.

“I believe the future is bright. He shown his ability to play and contribute significantly to the club. Of course, a little luck and trust from the coach and the team are required,” the athlete stated.

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