“A change of coach is now a must” Curva Sud leader publishes strong statement after Roma loss

One of the Curva Sud’s leaders has issued a harsh statement on social media, calling on the administration to take action following another disastrous season for AC Milan.
After being eliminated from the Champions League at the group stage, the Coppa Italia in the quarterfinals, and the Scudetto battle before Christmas, the hopes of salvaging the season depended on a strong performance in the Europa League.

Milan’s Europa League run came to an end in the quarterfinals when they lost the second leg 2-1 to Roma, resulting in a 3-1 aggregate defeat. Following a lackluster effort in San Siro, the Rossoneri fell behind 2-0 inside 22 minutes and were eliminated at the Olimpico.

Luca Lucci, the head of Milan’s Curva Sud, offered his thoughts on the Rossoneri season following the Europa League defeat to Roma in a post on his Instagram profile.
“Dear Mr., I sincerely want to remember you as the author of one of the most beautiful titles in Milan’s history, but we must eventually part ways, and I believe that all of us fans have waited far too long!

“I’m absolutely not one of those who cast fingers at individuals, because it’s obvious to everyone that the blame for a year like this must be shared on multiple fronts!

“It certainly cannot be a second place that gratifies us and makes us proud of our Milan, because if the alibi of having faced an iron round is valid for the Champions League, it must also be recognised that the Coppa Italia and the Europa League were within reach objectives on which we could aim strongly.
“All things considered, at this point a change of coach is now a must in the face of a Milan that has been boring for some time, devoid of play, confused, inadequate and unprepared especially in decisive matches, fluctuating and so on and so forth, a Milan that has need a change of direction, new stimuli and above all to find the game that has been lost for some time!

“Now on Monday comes a derby that would give the sh*** a particular meaning in the victory of their cardboard star, after a flat season, with a title never in question and never fought for (by us first and foremost) totally devoid of charm and won for months now.

AC Milan appoint Stefano Pioli as permanent manager after turning back on  first choice Ralf Rangnick | The Independent | The Independent

“There is no party to ruin or victory to prevent because the game has been over for some time; very little will change for us because the Derby, cartoon or not, always has supreme importance; however, if on the one hand, the result will count for the most part humiliation that they wish to inflict on us, on our part, there must be the f***ing desire to bring home the derby that has been missing for far too long!

“Finish this season with the professionalism that should distinguish every professional, but certainly the fans today no longer have to wait for any response!”

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