Brooklyn Nets are now close to confirm the trade of another fantastic star in the 2024 summer.

Donovan Mitchell might be the ideal trade target for the Brooklyn Nets heading into the 2024 summer.
Brian Lewis of the New York Post spoke with HoopsHype at length on what the Brooklyn Nets could do to change their roster this summer. Lewis revealed that the Nets could make a run for Donovan Mitchell, whose contract will expire next season.

“Donovan Mitchell is one of those few. I don’t see a way that he walks away in free agency. If you know for certain that he’s leaving, one would think you’re bringing back assets for that in the summer or January before the trade deadline. You have to be flexible enough to pivot in case Mitchell, a native New Yorker who happens to love New York, his people are still in New York and has friends on the roster, becomes available. He’s not the only player. He seems the most likely one.”

Donovan Mitchell’s NBA future has been hotly debated for the last year, as it’s been suggested that Mitchell isn’t happy on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs sent out a hefty package to acquire Mitchell via trade in the offseason of 2022, so they can’t afford to lose him for nothing in the 2025 free agency.

Donovan Mitchell 2023-24 NBA Season Preview - Fear The Sword

If Mitchell appears destined to go, the Cavaliers can trade him to any team they want. The Nets are a viable option since it allows Mitchell to return to his big-market homeland while playing on a team that will most likely be built around him.
This season, Mitchell averaged 26.6 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 6.1 assists. He’ll be hoping to make a deep playoff run with the Cavs this season, as they face the inexperienced Orlando Magic in the first round. A Finals run could persuade him that the winning idea is worth pursuing, but we’ll have to wait and see if the Cavs can pull it off.

Onovan Mitchell will be the biggest trade target next season.
Since Mitchell joined the Cleveland Cavaliers, fans have speculated about his departure. It was evident he wanted to be in New York, preferably with the Knicks, who were pursuing him aggressively. The Cavaliers outbid everyone to get him, and Mitchell has averaged 27.5 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 5.2 assists in his two seasons here.

Despite Mitchell’s accomplishments and the Cavs’ progress toward a playoff squad, league executives predict he will be transferred next season if he does not sign a contract extension.

NBA Analyst Warns Knicks to 'Look Out for' Rival in Donovan Mitchell Trade  Pursuit - Sports Illustrated

“Mitchell will be entering the final guaranteed year of his current contract next season if there’s no extension, leading to a growing belief among rival teams that the Cavaliers will be forced to trade Mitchell in coming months if they cannot come to terms with him an extension.”

The Knicks have usually been the first name cited in Mitchell trade rumors, but with Jalen Brunson emerging as a superstar guard, it no longer makes sense for them. The Nets would be an excellent choice if he could play alongside Mikal Bridges.

The San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers are intriguing options out West, since both require a star guard like Donovan to lead their teams while already having complimentary frontcourt players on the roster. This trade tale should be entertaining.
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