“We ain’t done!” Draymond Green reveals Steph Curry’s message after devastating end to season

Following their loss to the Sacramento Kings, the Golden State Warriors were unable to advance to the playoffs. On a recent podcast episode, Draymond Green discussed his conversation with teammate Steph Curry after the loss. The Warriors had a dismal regular season, and the loss put Golden State’s crumbling dynasty into perspective.

According to Green, Steph Curry stated that he can not see himself playing without his fellow Splash Brothers and told Green after the loss to the Kings that they are not finished yet.

There is growing concern among Dubs fans over whether their current team can really compete at a high level, with Steph Curry’s co-stars being Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Some have criticized Green or Thompson, who is unsure whether he will receive a maximum contract. This could be the end for the Splash Bros, but the ‘Baby-Faced Assassin’ does not believe so.


Green, on the other hand, is under a long-term contract, and Curry’s strong declaration demonstrates his desire to fight and win with him. This puts a lot of pressure on their front staff, as they need to completely rebuild to keep their best player happy. Coach Steve Kerr says the Warriors are lucky to have Draymond Green
While Steph Curry has hinted that the Dubs aren’t done yet, fans are pointing an accusing finger at Draymond Green for the team’s woes. However, team head coach Steve Kerr has come to the defense of Green claiming that fans should be grateful because there would be no championship titles to brag about without him.
I will stick with [Draymond] forever because I know who he is as a human being… Without Draymond, we have 0 championships, I don’t think people realize that…For our fans, I would say: Be lucky, be fortunate, be grateful that you’ve had Draymond Green for 12 years. You have four championships and two finals appearances beyond that. Steve Kerr said via ‘95.7 The Game’

We ain't done!' Draymond Green reveals Steph Curry's message after  devastating end to season | Yardbarker

However, he revealed that the veteran forward crossed the line many times last season, including choking Rudy Gobert and punching Jusuf Nurkic, both of which resulted in suspensions.

Green is a vital asset to the Dubs because of his defensive presence on the court as well as his verbal presence, which can occasionally go too far. His presence increases the team’s chances of victory, and in order to carry out Curry’s rally, he must remain focused.

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