Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-round mock draft: A new center takes over in Tampa Bay


Round 1, Pick 26: C. Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon
There simply aren’t many flaws in Powers-Johnson’s game, especially since he switched to center. He is completely positionally versatile on the interior offensive line. He has a fire hydrant-like build, with short arms and a barrel chest/belly, however this build gives him power. He has the upper-body strength to bench-press defensive lineman weighing 300 pounds and the density to anchor swiftly and effectively. He is light on his feet for his size, can climb to the second level, and has excellent balance from his wrestling days.

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Round 2, Pick 57: Edge Marshawn Kneeland from Western Michigan.
Kneeland’s film resembles a vehicle collision from an action movie – in a nice way. Every snap, he puts his enormous body on the line, and he prefers to run through his blocks rather than around them. His pass-rush profile is based on an all-out bull rush. He also enjoys combining his gap-shooting ability with a strong first step and a forceful rip move to escape. He has been an effective run defender, recording numerous tackles for loss. He’s a little stiff when it comes to changing directions and doesn’t have the most extensive repertoire of pass-rush maneuvers, preferring to win through muscle rather than finesse.

Round 3, Pick 89: WR Malik Washington, Virginia
Washington was among the top productive players in the country in 2023. He’s short, which has certain drawbacks: he lacks natural power and length for jump balls and blocking assignments. Nonetheless, his footwork is crisp and quick, making him an effective separation player from the slot, particularly when looking for vulnerable spots in zone coverage. He has a great initial step for chewing up a defensive back’s cushion. He also possesses above-average ability to shift directions while maintaining or regaining speed. He has limited experience versus press coverage, therefore he is most likely a slot receiver.

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Round 3, Pick 92: RB Ray Davis, Kentucky.
Davis is short, which limits his overall speed, but he possesses a low center of gravity and quick, balanced footwork. He also has a strong first stride for acceleration and excellent vision, particularly when running behind a zoneblocking scheme. As a third-down back, he shows good hands and uses one-cut athleticism on routes out of the backfield. When it comes to pass protection, he is a willing blocker with solid mechanics but is frequently outmatched.

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Round 4, Pick 125: S. Cole Bishop, Utah.
Despite only three years of collegiate football, Bishop has 35 games and 29 starts under his belt. He is a box/slot safety who excels on downhill plays. His feet are continuously moving and light, allowing him to break on the ball or receiver at any time. He is typically square with his form while attacking ball carriers and has the ability to wrap them up. His slot coverage rating hasn’t been outstanding in recent years, but he’s versatile enough to play there. He lacks experience with single-high responsibilities, and his overall sense of space in zone coverage is still developing.

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