I WANT HIM BACK : Rotherham united manager Steve Evans admits he would love to work with former Millers legend

ROTHERHAM UNITED manager Steve Evans confesses he would love to work with Alex Revell again, and he is not ruling out a return to the New York Stadium if circumstances allow.
previous Millers striker Revell, who played under Evans during his first stay at the club, now works as Evans’ first-team coach at previous club Stevenage.

Revell, who previously led the Hertfordshire club before Evans’ arrival, is currently in interim command of the club after the Scot decided to return to Rotherham with long-time assistant Paul Raynor.

The 40-year-old is one of the leading candidates to succeed Evans permanently.
When asked if Revell wants to return to full-time management, Evans responded, “Does Alex one day want to return to management?” Indeed, he does. “We understand that he is a part of us.”Is he ready? That decision is not mine; it is made by Phil Wallace and the Stevenage board.

Revell: "It's important for us to show the right response" - News -  Stevenage Football Club
“We haven’t spoken to Alex since we left.” When you leave a club, you must have the integrity to not connect with your former players and staff because they may receive mixed messages.

“Would Alex Revell be back on my staff at some point? If we had a post available and Alex was interested, we would definitely consider it.”

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Revell reportedly scored one of the great Wembley goals with a stunning long-range drive in the Millers’ League One play-off final against Leyton Orient in May 2014.

It went down in Rotherham legend, along with Evans’ touchline celebration.

Evans continued, “We’ve been quite straightforward with Alex before.

“Alex was in a bad situation when we traveled to Stevenage. He had been the manager for a brief time when the chairman fired him but maintained him in the academy structure.

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