Jayden Daniels explain why he will reject the Washington Commanders in the 2024 NFL Draft

Daniels, the Heisman Trophy winner, is expected to be the second pick in Thursday’s Draft, which the Commanders own.
After winning only four games in 2023, the Washington Commanders have the No. 2 overall pick in Thursday’s 2024 NFL Draft, according to ESPN Insider Adam Schefter, who reports they will target LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, the Heisman Trophy winner for best college football player in 2023.

Following the conclusion of the collegiate football season, Daniels’ value has climbed even higher in anticipation of the approaching Draft, with most expecting him to be taken second behind fellow quarterback Caleb Williams, who is projected to join the Chicago Bears with the first overall pick.

No. 2 selecting No. 2 appears to make sense, yet rumors have emerged that Daniels isn’t sold on the idea of coming to Washington, with another ESPN journalist, Jeremy Fowler, alleging “somebody close to Daniels believes that he has at least openly wondered about his options”.

Could Jayden Daniels hold out for the Raiders over the Commanders?

Report: Jayden Daniels uninterested in landing with Commanders
The Las Vegas Raiders have been mentioned as his preferred destination, but they have little chance of selecting the 23-year-old because they will choose 13th.

In any case, Daniels has stated on the Night Caps podcast, which is hosted by former NFL players Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco, that rumors about him having a favorite team are false.
What did Daniel say about joining the Commanders?
The quarterback was first asked about the rumored interest in joining the Raiders, which he realizes does not appear likely: “I’m not sure how they would pull that off; it’s above my pay grade. I’m not saying I want to go to the Raiders; I want to go anywhere the team wants me.

Does that suggest the door is open for the Commanders? It appears so, especially given his subsequent statements regarding his possible future teammates in Washington: “Oh, they got some dawgs over there,” a smiling Daniels added.

With new owners in place, may we be witnessing a new era for the Commanders? The three-time Super Bowl champions have struggled for success in recent years, with mismanagement frequently blamed. Might Daniels play a significant role as they seek their first championship since 1991?

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