JUST IN : Steph Curry’s Message to De’Aaron Fox After Play-In Loss

Steph Curry made a surprising comment to De’Aaron Fox.
The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings may have occasional disagreements, but that does not mean that every single person on the club, including the two best players, dislikes each other.

After the Sacramento Kings defeated the Golden State Warriors in the play-in round, De’Aaron Fox shared a jubilant Instagram photo. Surprisingly, Steph Curry responded on the post praising his own defeat, writing, “I hate that I liked this post.”

Ironically, De’Aaron Fox was wearing Curry’s when he eliminated Steph Curry from the play-in tournament.
The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings already had some history due to their close vicinity, but the last two years have added to it significantly. Last season, the two clubs advanced to Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs, which included a highly controversial event in which Draymond Green stomped on Domantas Sabonis. The Warriors’ elimination by the Kings in the same building where they defeated Sacramento is a perfect example of a complete circle moment.

Despite the Kings’ victory against the Warriors in the play-in round, both teams must start fresh. Neither team made the playoffs, both have the same record, and both hope to make the playoffs next season.



As much as Warriors and Kings fans despise one another, it’s vital to remember that Steph Curry and De’Aaron Fox are completely in love.

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