LATEST NEWS : Barnsley New centre to help children with educational needs

A old family facility is being dismantled to make way for a unit that will house 15 youngsters with special educational needs.

Barnsley’s Stairfoot Primary Centre will be erected on the site of the former Hunningley Lane Family Centre.

The facility, set to open in September, will cost £450,000 and be funded by a £4.7 million government grant.

Barnsley Council stated that the children’ needs would be met “closer to their home.”

The executive director of children’s services, Carly Speechley, said “Through investing in local mainstream and specialist provision and in maintaining an arrangement with a local provider, the new facility will enable the


Invest in Barnsley news and updates educational needs of this group of young children to be met closer to their home and families, making more effective use of available resources while helping secure better outcomes for pupils with SEND.”Based on existing school needs and consultations, the establishment of these places will also guarantee that these children and young people are not placed in high-cost special school settings, particularly those outside of the borough.”Parents and caregivers of students who have been identified as the first cohort to access the Hunningley Specialist Provision will be notified in due course Stairfoot Family Centre was closed due to the Covid epidemic.

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