MESSAGE TO OUR FANS : QPR send a message to their fans ahead of leeds united clash

Love Football. Protect the Game – message to our fans

AS WE approach the closing stages of the our 2023/24 Bet Championship season, there remains plenty to play for. Your support has been INCREDIBLE, and we need one final push.

We have been really appreciative for your support in the stands this season. Head coach Martí Cifuentes and players have acknowledged your contribution to the team’s success with two matches remaining.

As we approach this critical stage, please remember that, for the sake of everyone’s safety within MATRADE Loftus Road, the pitch is for managers, players, and match officials, while the stands are for fans to cheer on the team.

At the close of last season, certain clubs experienced unsavoury and unwanted incidents with a small number of persons entering the playing field.

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Pitch incursions are dangerous, and anyone who does infringe on the playing surface may face severe consequences, including a suspension from attending QPR and other matches around the country, as well as police action.

Entering the pitch is a criminal offense, and the real-life consequences have been felt by many, with some fans acquiring criminal records that can affect career, education opportunities, and international travel.

It is possible to discipline others as well as oneself. There may also have an affect on your family and QPR.

Please maintain the pitch for players and the seats for spectators, and avoid any unnecessary disruptions at this critical time in the season.

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