BREAKING NEWS : Stoke city coach Tony Pulis sends a 4 word message to Ruben Selles and Shaun Maloney

Tony Pulis has lauded Wigan Athletic coach Shaun Maloney and Reading manager Ruben Selles for their efforts this season.
Tony Pulis has lavished praise on Reading manager Ruben Selles and Wigan Athletic manager Shaun Maloney for their performances this season.

Reading and Wigan Athletic have received points deductions this season.
The Royals have had a difficult year, with fans protesting throughout the season in an attempt to drive owner Dai Yongge out.

His mismanagement had put the team in serious danger, with Reading receiving a points deduction last season, which contributed to their relegation from the Championship.

Those troubles have persisted, and they have lost six points this season for a variety of offenses, the most recent of which occurred in February when they failed to make agreed-upon payments to HMRC on time.

Meanwhile, the Latics received an eight-point penalty before kicking a ball this season as a result of the previous regime’s regular late wage payments.

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Fortunately for the club, Mike Danson has taken charge, and there is much more stability as they attempt to go forward. Nonetheless, Maloney was still working with a team that started below all of their opponents, but he was able to move them up the table quite rapidly.

Tony Pulis praised Ruben Selles and Shaun Maloney.
Few managers will be faced with point deductions throughout their careers, but Selles and Maloney have had to deal with them despite their lack of experience as head coaches.

Pulis is a manager who has seen a lot in his career, having progressed from working in the lower leagues, where he had to scrape and save, to coaching in the Premier League and the riches that came with it.

Pulis was sensitive to what Selles and Maloney have had to deal with, but he emphasized the need for the duo to focus on football, as he urged them to Ensure that they are never sidetracked from the primary goal of the task, which is to get three points for the club and its fans.
Pulis stated, “My advice to managers of those clubs is to focus on winning games on Saturdays.” If you become too involved in what is going on behind the scenes, you may be distracted from winning matches, which is what is most important to the fans, the team, and the town.

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“I realize how difficult it is as team cuts effect their position, but whatever card you’re dealt, you’ve got to find a way to win on Saturday or you won’t be able to keep your job, regardless of what’s going on upstairs.

“Those two lads deserve a lot of credit for the work they’ve done, no matter how they did it. Forget about style; whether it’s playing out of the back or going long from the goalkeeper, management is all about creating a winning strategy.

“It’s fantastic for those football clubs, but will things improve? I honestly don’t know.

Reading play Blackpool this weekend in their final game of the season, while Wigan visit Bristol Rovers, as both teams try to close this volatile year on a high, as they also move ahead to what they believe will be better futures.

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