LATEST UPDATE : Former Notre Dame commit leaves Deion Sanders life behind

Deion Sanders has been the topic of college football this spring, as he appears to be doing everything he can to be the most unlikeable head coach of a program. While he still has the Buffalo faithful’s support for the time being, one has to question how long that will last if he continues to chase away decent players.

Dylan Edwards, a running back, is the most recent athlete to be released. Notre Dame football fans should be familiar with the player, as he was once committed to the Fighting Irish.

Deion Sanders was able to come in and steal Edwards away from Marcus Freeman. It turns out that the way Sanders conducted business was unpleasant enough for the

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Running back could only handle one season of him. Edwards appeared in all 12 games for CU last season, finishing with 321 yards and a touchdown in a pass-first system. He averaged 4.2 yards per carry during his true freshman year. He entered the transfer portal earlier this month and is now taking his talents to Kansas State.

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Edwards, a former Notre Dame commit, is one of 53 athletes from Colorado who have joined Buffalo under Deion Sanders’ coaching. He also had some criticism for his son, who chose to take a shot at one of the players on social media.

Quarterback Shedeur Sanders, who led the Buffaloes to a 1-8 Pac-12 record last season, decided on Tuesday to talk garbage about Xavier Smith, a defensive back who left last year.

It’s not surprising that former Notre Dame recruit Dylan Edwards would want to leave Colorado with all of this going on. It was a shame he chose the Buffs in the first place. Though it was evident when he entered the portal, the Irish did not have much room for him.

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