BREAKING NEWS : Ian Silvester, the club secretary of Blackburn Rovers was sacked following an internal investigation of

Ian Silvester, the club secretary, has left Blackburn Rovers following an internal probe into Duncan McGuire’s failed registration.
Rovers failed to submit documentation to the English Football League by 11 p.m. for the second consecutive January transfer window.

The team formally confirmed McGuire’s signing at 11 p.m., though the paperwork was expected to be completed approximately an hour earlier.

However, it was later discovered that documents were uploaded to the EFL portal but not sent through. As a result, by the time the human error was discovered, they had missed the deadline.

In March, Director of Football Gregg Broughton indicated that an internal inquiry was continuing. However, he was unable to provide any other information at that time.

“What you cannot account for is human mistake, which is what led Duncan’s transfer to fall through. That’s not an excuse; it’s unacceptable,” he told The Lancashire Telegraph.
“That is the true cause. The problem with life right now is that there is a lack of information, which leads to conspiracy theories and bubbles. There have been more sinister suspicions about why it didn’t pass.

Blackburn staff exit confirmed after Mcguire investigation | Lancashire  Telegraph

“We must accept responsibility for the lack of information. Most fans will accept, even if they don’t agree with it, if you own mistakes.An investigation is under underway, led by the club’s administration. I am not at liberty to discuss it because the results are confidential.

“Some things must remain confidential, and this is one of them. I am not avoiding any questions; I am here today to answer them.”

Companies House records show Silvester departed the club last month. He served as club secretary for 12 years before joining Ewood Park in 2012.

Broughton also stated that Rovers could not commit to a new contract for McGuire until they knew which league they would be in and had held recruitment discussions with John Eustace.

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