JUST IN: Apparently, the super star’s primary objective in the Ravens offensive is to turn into a “chess piece.”

Equipped with two outstanding tight ends in Isaiah and Mark Andrews The Ravens probably intend to use them more frequently at the same time in 2024.

How do they accomplish it? Most likely aims to blur the lines in order to make things simpler.

Likely stated at minicamp that his main goal is to become familiar with every receiver position in Todd Monken’s offence from Year 2.

“It’s being a chess piece, being anywhere ‘Monk’ needs me to be in this offence – whether it’s in the slot, in-line, in the backfield, split out wide by myself,” likely added. “The more you know, the more you can stay on the pitch.”

Mark Andrews Thinks Combination With Isaiah Likely Will Be 'Special' | News  & Notes

Following his replacement for the injured Andrews, Likely caught 25 catches for 372 yards and six touchdowns in eight games. The Ravens would really like to figure out how to continue producing at that level even with Andrews in the lineup.

Over the season, Likely’s usage was split almost evenly between in-line (270 snaps) and in-slot (252 snaps). Nine snaps were in the backfield and 35 were out wide for him. Last season, Andrews saw significantly more snaps out wide (65) than in-line (342 plays) and far more snaps in the slot (341 snaps).

Can play any position, if likely

According to SumerSports, the Ravens utilised “12” personnel (two wide receivers, two tight ends, and one running back) 11.1% of the time in the previous season, which placed them 27th in the NFL. 19.2% was the league-wide average. When asked if he was pushing Monken to hire more “12” staff members, Likely chuckled.

“They view films. They witness it “he remarked. “It’s an emphasis for them to try to see what we can do on the pitch together and harp on the little things so we can get on the pitch together and make the most of it.”

Likely stated that when they watch games in the meeting room, he and Andrews frequently discuss what they can do together.

“Man, that one time we both get to go out there and do this thing together, it’s going to be special,” we say to each other in our conversation. That’s what we practise and preach every day’, Likely remarked.

When we’re together, we try to play off one another by picking one other’s minds to see what the other sees. Mark will always be Mark. He will make the defence pay attention. Making plays on my side of the ball therefore only creates opportunities for everyone. And things will change when everyone is operating at full capacity.”

If the wild conclusion to the previous season wasn’t enough to indicate that Likely will likely be back for more in 2024, he’s proving it this summer on the practice pitch. Probably was one of the highlights of the Ravens minicamp, as he made jaw-dropping one-handed receptions in back-to-back practices by leaping high.

For a long time, Odell Beckham Jr. was well-known for his one-handed receptions. Since Beckham is currently in Miami, he is probably the player from this season that Ravens fans will see in the highlight reel.

“I just try to not think about it and try to go up make a play,” likely said. “Sometimes I try to climb the ladder and try to get it with two [hands], and if I can’t, definitely try to get it with one because if I don’t, I’m gonna hear about it from [Lamar Jackson] and the coaches if I come down without the ball.”

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