Don Goodman issues Reading FC prediction concerning takeover and 2024/25 campaign

Everyone associated with Reading FC hopes that current owner Dai Yongge’s career is coming to an end, and pundit Don Goodman believes that what the Royals accomplished on the pitch last season was “miraculous”.

Under Ruben Selles’ guidance, the club finished 17th in League One last season, despite multiple point deductions, fan demonstrations that extended to the Houses of Parliament, and the normal ups and downs of an EFL season.

However, it is now alleged that former Wycombe Wanderers owner Rob Couhig is hoping to take leadership of the football club in a matter of weeks, as the American businessman aims to end a period of

Suffering for everyone who cares deeply for the club. According to the Telegraph, the 75-year-old has reached an agreement to buy the Royals from Yongge, and sources expect the sale to be completed within the next two weeks.

Don Goodman: “My heart goes out to Reading fans” Goodman discussed the likelihood of the takeover being completed within the targeted time frame, the club’s achievements on the field, and what the club’s future holds.

Goodman stated, “There aren’t any indications that the takeover will be completed within the next month or before the season begins. My heart goes out to the Reading fans, who have had to cope with charges, points deductions, and players not being Pay and transfer embargoes. They have been protesting Dai Yongge, and rightfully so.Despite all of this, they finished 17th, which is really amazing. Ruben Selles would have been my pick for League One manager of the season. Especially given the roster revamp and the number of players who arrived. At the outset of last season, he was essentially tasked with introducing a group of strangers and forming a team. I think he executed it quite well.”I see that the accounts that were supposed to be submitted by June 30th are late. But I did see that a past mortgage loan from 2014 has been settled, and perhaps it’s the ownership cleaning up finances prior to

authorizing a sale. “It was also heartbreaking to hear that their women’s team had to descend from the Championship to the fifth division and become amateurs. They’ve also had to close the women’s academy, which provided football to young girls in the neighborhood. So, how does Goodman see Reading FC’s future? “Ultimately, I do believe they will be okay,” remarked the analyst and former player.

“Once the takeover is complete, no matter what level they play in, and let’s hope it’s level One or above, the fans will be able to grin again.

“But at the moment, it is very hard to see how they can possibly compete at the top end of League One with all of this going in the background and with the squad that they currently have.”

Royals fans deserve their club back In truth, very little good has arrived at Reading FC since Yongge’s arrival back in 2017. Dai Yongge confirms intent to sell Reading FC

Numerous points deductions, charges being brought against them, staff wages going unpaid and an appearance in court are all on the Chinese tycoon’s Royals rap sheet.

Yet somehow, the club were able to remain a Championship club up until the conclusion of the 2022/23 season, and were able to avoid League One relegation last season by nine points.

Talented players still litter their squad, and in their Spanish boss Selles, they no doubt have one of the most highly respected and admired gaffers in the EFL. Goodman is right, by some miracle, Reading Football Club have still been able to get a lot of things right away from Yongge’s influence, and could be set for a very bright future once again under new ownership.

But most importantly, as do supporters of all football clubs, Royals fans just want an owner who gets their club.

Reading’s fans have suffered long enough, and they continue to have unwavering support from across English football to see the Yongge chapter closed in their book of history, and a new one opened under Couhig, or anyone else for that matter.


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