SHOCKING : Chicago Cubs Relief Pitcher Could End Up Being Trade Chip

If the Chicago Cubs sell at the deadline, the front office may contemplate moving an attractive relief pitcher. The Chicago Cubs are attempting to salvage their season in July, before the MLB trade deadline. So far, recent games have shown signs of improvement. The Cubs have a 4-1 record over their previous five games.

As recent rumors have suggested, Chicago is attempting to avoid becoming a seller at the deadline. If they continue to lose in the coming weeks, Jed Hoyer and the front office would likely attempt to mix up the roster and bring in more youthful talent.

However, if the Cubs can maintain their recent winning streak over the next several weeks, Hoyer may see an opportunity to sign players and help the team fight for a playoff spot.

If they fail to turn things around and lose again, a number of players could become trade targets for other teams. One of these players may be Hector Neris, an experienced relief pitcher.

Chicago Cubs Relief Pitcher Could End Up Being Trade Chip

Tim Kelly of Bleacher Report said that Neris could be an intriguing trade candidate.

“There is probably a happy middle here. Neris may not be the best closer, but he is a better pitcher in high-leverage situations than he was this season. If a contender gets him to pitch primarily

In the sixth or seventh inning, he should be quite effective.” Kelly also offered some fascinating figures indicating that Chicago may be employing Neris in a wrong manner to meet his skill set.

“This may surprise you, but Héctor Neris has the most games pitched among relievers since the start of the 2016 season, with 545. The next closest reliever over that time period is Kenley Jansen (509), so there is some distance. Neris was an exceptional seventh-inning reliever with a vicious splitter, rubber elbow, and a wonderful clubhouse demeanor for the Phillies and Houston Astros.”

Basically, Craig Counsell’s attempt to deploy Neris as a closer was a mistake. Neris possesses the talent and potential to be a great seventh-inning reliever who can bridge the gap between starter and closer.

Neris has appeared in 33 games for the Cubs thus far this 2024 MLB season. He has a 7–2 record, a 4.06 ERA, a 1.58 WHIP, 12 saves, three holds, and four blown saves.

While his numbers aren’t horrible, he’s done them in a role that isn’t his best fit. All of that being said, it will be interesting to watch what the next few weeks bring for Chicago. If they keep winning, selling does not appear to be their favored strategy. However, if they return to their losing ways, players such as Neris may find themselves on a new squad to begin the month of August.


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