JUST IN : Costa Rican Agent discussion with Nottingham Forest and PL top club

Kurt Morsink, a Costa Rican agent, has disclosed that when visiting England lately, he spoke with Manchester City and Nottingham Forest.

The agent, who represents several Costa Rican athletes through the KMR Sports Group, has been communicating with ESPN about business and the current situation of those athletes.

Brandon Aguilera of Nottingham Forest and Manfred Ugalde of the Manchester City Group of football teams are both currently playing in the Premier League.

The latter is currently playing for FC Twente but played for FC Lommel, owned by City Football Group, until this summer when he was sold in a €4 million transaction.
Because of the negotiations over Ugalde that took place with Manchester City’s management this summer and the subsequent return of Aguilera to Nottingham Forest following his loan stint at Portugal’s Estoril, Morsink has a lot of work to do in England.

Kurt Morsink: el responsable de la invasión costarricense en la MLS |  Marca.com
Prior to returning to Costa Rica with Guanacasteca and joining the Portuguese team in January of this year, he had previously played for Nottingham Forest during the summer of last year.

Since the beginning of the summer, he has been playing for Nottingham Forest again in England, and it appears that Morsink is still in contact with people in charge of the City Ground about him.

Yes, he continued, “we’re in Newcastle, we were in London, we met with Manchester City there, and we also took the chance to be with Nottingham Forest.”

Due to our positive relationship with the City Football Group and the Manfred Ugalde situation, we were able to speak with them.

The truth is that they are elite clubs competing in the most significant league in the world, and they have knowledgeable staff who make things simple by being upfront about everything.



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