BREAKING NEWS : Important information for Newcastle United supporters traveling to the AC Milan match

Newcastle United’s away game versus AC Milan is in seven days.

First Champions League match for the team in more than 20 years, with all away tickets sold out.

For Newcastle United supporters traveling to this AC Milan game, NUFC has just given important information.
Official notice from Newcastle United: Important details for NUFC supporters going to the AC Milan game on September 12, 2023:

The following crucial information should be noted by fans traveling to Italy for Tuesday, September 19,’s match between the Magpies and AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Start time is 6.45 p.m. local time, or 5.45 p.m. in the UK. At 4.45 p.m. local time, gates open.


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We advise fans to become familiar with the government’s travel recommendations for Italy. Supporters in need of assistance should dial +39 02 723001 or +44 20 7008 5000 (24 hours) to reach the British Consulate General in Milan.

You can also contact the British Consulate in Milan by visiting

Here is information on Milan for tourists.

Italy’s emergency phone numbers are:

911 Emergency services 112 Police (Carabinieri) 118
Fire Department: 115

It is a legal obligation in Italy to always have identification, and fans entering the stadium must be able to show passports. The use of photocopies is not permitted.

Alcohol consumption on Milan’s streets is strictly prohibited, according to local officials.

Before and during the game, fans are encouraged to stay away from the Piazza Axum near the San Siro. There are no other parts of the city that need to be avoided.

Milan is prone to street crime, especially pickpocketing. Supporters are urged to use caution, take reasonable safety measures, and make sure they have current travel insurance.

The ‘San Carlo’ hospital, which is situated in the city’s west, is the one closest to the San Siro.

The euro is Italy’s recognized currency.


The following information is provided to supporters: Passports must have been issued no more than ten years prior to the date of admission into Italy (verify the “date of issue” field) and must be valid for at least three months after the date of departure (verify the “expiry date” field).

When traveling to the EU, passports issued before October 1, 2018, may have additional months added to their expiration date. Before traveling, supporters are advised to make sure their passports match these standards.


Plan your route so that you get to the stadium no later than an hour before kickoff.

The nearest station to the stadium, San Siro Stadio, is on the M5 (purple/lilac) Metro line, and is just a short distance from the visitors’ entrance on “Via Federico Tesio.”

Since the cost is not covered by match tickets, transportation will require metro tickets. Before beginning a voyage, tickets must be verified in a ticket machine, which are often located at platform entrances.

The interchange from the M1 (red) line to the M5 (purple) line is anticipated to be quite congested before and after the game, so fans coming from other parts of the city are advised.

Wheelchair users can use the Milan Metro. You may read more about the Metro system here.


The San Siro Stadio metro station is two minutes away from the designated entrance on “Via Federico Tesio,” where all Newcastle United supporters must enter. The location serves as a designated entrance for all out-of-town fans, where tickets, passports, and pat-down searches will be conducted. According to AC Milan, only authentic passports that exactly match the name on the ticket will be allowed. A driver’s license or copies or photographs of the required documentation are insufficient.

Children must be 16 years old to enter the stadium unaccompanied, supporters are reminded. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Aged 18 years old. This will be verified when the tickets are examined and when pat-down searches are conducted. Families are encouraged to remain together throughout this process as AC Milan has indicated that adults with children over the age of 18 will be able to go through the ticket checks and pat-down procedures together. If a person under the age of 16 is denied entry, an accompanying adult will need to take care of the youngster.

Following this procedure, general admission fans will be led through a secure tunnel to the turnstiles at Gate 6. Supporters will then be told to go to Tower 3 to enter the stadium. During this time, supporters may be temporarily detained to maintain their separation from home supporters.

There is no accessible lift; instead, there is a sloping path inside Tower 3 that leads to the distant area. The entire admittance process, including the trek up the inclining spiral staircase, can take up to 50 minutes, therefore supporters are highly recommended to arrive early. It is suggested that people who have trouble with longer walks get there as soon as feasible.

In this site, portable restrooms will be available. Because there aren’t many restroom options in the away end, fans are recommended to use these.

There are safety barriers in front of the seats in the away end. The stretch has a severe elevation, thus supporters are urged to utilize handrails when climbing and descending steps.


All holders of category 1 tickets will proceed as described above, however they will be told to go to gate 7 and enter the stadium through this entrance. Block S holds the tickets for category 1.


Supporters with tickets for wheelchair accessibility should go straight to Gate 11, where stewards will lead them to the proper location. A member of the Newcastle United stewarding crew will also be present to offer assistance and support.

Supporters are reminded to dress appropriately because the location of these tickets may be exposed to bad weather. Stewards will be available to assist with access to the concourse amenities, which are right behind the seating area and have accessible restrooms and refreshment stands.

Unfortunately, AC Milan has indicated that they are unable to provide storage room for wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility support equipment and that there is no lift access to the away section for disabled spectators without wheelchair accessible tickets. If ambulant disabled fans have questions concerning their entrance to the stadium, they are recommended to get in touch with Newcastle United’s Supporter Services department for more information. Emailing will do this.

The club is unaware of any audio-descriptive commentary services offered for this match.


There will be no alcohol served at the San Siro or on its footprint. There may be the sale of 0% lager/beer available in the away end.


There are two kiosks available for Newcastle United fans in the away sector; these will accept cash or card payment. They are relatively small in size so there may be a long queue to access.


The toilet facilities are very sparse in the away section. There are eight female toilets available in the away end and there are 12 urinals and four cubicles available in the male toilets for the away section. Fans are advised to use the facilities in their pre-match location before the game if possible.


There is a medical room in the away end of the San Siro and the stewards will be able to direct you there if required.


Bags of A4 size and smaller will be permitted in the stadium and will be searched on entry. There is no bag storage facility at the stadium.


Flags and banners are permitted provided they are no larger than 2.5x1m and do not have a flagpole.

Flags larger than 2.5mx1m will require pre-approval from local authorities. To obtain this please email with your name, the size of the flag, an image of the flag and its fire safety certificate.

Flags will be checked by AC Milan stewards before admission. Newcastle United stewards will be on hand to support if necessary.


The club have been informed by the local authorities in Milan that battery packs/power banks will be strictly prohibited from entering the away sector of the San Siro. There is no storage for those so please plan accordingly.

The following products are also prohibited:

Air horns, alcohol, and other things

Bags (see above for bag policy) * Animals *
Bottles, Cans, and Drugs. Banners or banners with offensive, political, racist, xenophobic, ideological, or commercial statements
Flags that have not been authorized (see above for flag policy) * Face coverings, including snoods or hoods that may conceal the face * Flagpoles larger than 1m Long umbrellas (small, extendable umbrellas are allowed) Glass, helmets, knives, and laser pointers
Weapons * Power banks * Pyrotechnics and explosives (include flares, fire crackers, and smoke bombs) * Musical instruments






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