JUST IN : Newcastle club owner debate against club’s sluggish start to the season

The media has been pushing the notion that Eddie Howe is under pressure as Newcastle United manager after a sluggish start to the season over the past week or two.

Of course, all Newcastle supporters and journalists who are close to the club understand how ludicrous that idea is, but that hasn’t stopped the rumours from spreading.

It got so terrible that the board had to come out and publicly clarify that Howe is not under any pressure.

Howe doesn’t need someone to notify him when something is wrong.

Thankfully, Howe appears unconcerned with the claims, telling the reporters this morning that he is ‘immune’ to the criticism.

There does appear to be some common sense in the media, with Alan Brazil clearly taken aback by the prospect of Eddie Howe being sacked, calling it a ‘stupid notion’ on talkSPORT today before handing over to former Newcastle manager Alan Pardew for his opinions.

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Pardew agreed with Brazil, stating, “Let’s be honest, it’s ridiculous.” The board has startled me by having to come out publicly and say something. I don’t think he needs that; it’ll only add gasoline to the fire, so to speak.

“Let’s be honest, it looks like he’s signed well this summer on top of a very good team, and obviously the results haven’t been what he wants, but I think there’s plenty more to come from that Newcastle team and Eddie Howe to be sure.”

All of these rumors will be put to rest if Newcastle wins tomorrow.
Alan Brazil rarely has anything positive to say in Newcastle, so for him to come out and reject these rumors is significant.

Despite not being the most popular person on Tyneside, Alan Pardew rarely has anything negative to say about Newcastle, so it’s no surprise that he’s optimistic about the club’s future. To be fair, Pardew isn’t as reviled as some other former managers; in fact, given what followed after him, he might be remembered fondly now.

As Pardew stated, Eddie Howe and Newcastle have a lot more to offer, and I believe it starts with three points against Brentford tomorrow night at St James’ Park.



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