Tony Mowbray’s speech to Sunderland fans following the disclosure of contract information

Tony Mowbray, who leaves contractual concerns to his advisors, had no knowledge he had triggered an additional year in his contract on the day Sunderland’s victory over Preston North End guaranteed them a place in the Championship play-offs.

Richly seasoned in the game, Mowbray hasn’t given it much thought subsequently or regards it as a particularly significant development in terms of his own position. If Sunderland’s form falters, he knows pressure will mount.

But for supporters, it was a highly encouraging indicator that the club’s position is secure when it comes to a very popular and so far effective head coach, and that it implies a union that may last for a long time.

While Mowbray is not a fan of social media, he says he is well aware of the club’s support and does not take it for granted.

“I feel the warmth generally,” Mowbray added

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“I don’t use social media, but I feel the warmth walking into and out of the stadium, even on Yarm High Street!”

“I sense it, so I don’t need to look it up online.” Of course, if we lose on Saturday, many people will be disappointed, since that is the nature of football, isn’t it? Everyone has an opinion, and that’s fine. You simply get on with it and perform your job, in my opinion, so I come in and do precisely that.

“It’s about me being able to sleep at night because I know I’ve been honest in doing the job every day. I know the business, I’ve been in it a long time and if we lost four games, Fabrizio Romano will be telling everyone who the new head coach is going to be. That’s alright, I don’t lose sleep over any of that.

“Football is a business and business is harsh. So in your mind, your loyalties are to the people you love and who are with you everyday. That’s how I live my life.

“What I will say is I hope the supporters know how much I appreciate their support. They’ve been amazing with this young group of players who didn’t win enough football matches at home last year, and yet they stuck with them and enjoyed the days where we won and played with a bravery and a fluency.

“When you do well, the expectation rises each season, and I understand that because I had it at Blackburn Rovers.” We made it through the first year, were challenged in the second, and then it was, “Well, he’s never going to get us up.”

“That’s fine; that’s why you try to enjoy each day and work with nice people.” I strive to give the fans what they want: a team that fights, scores goals, and wins games, and celebrates and enjoys it with them.

“That’s my job, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Sunderland will look to maintain their positive momentum when they meet QPR on Saturday afternoon.









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