JUST IN : Chief executive Jake Edwards gave some light on Neil Warnock move

Chief executive Jake Edwards gave some light on the criteria they were considering for their upcoming longer-term appointment and why they felt they needed to move quickly.

Neil Warnock’s final game in command of the Terriers has come and gone, with Wednesday’s 2-2 draw with Stoke City providing an opportunity for fans to say their goodbyes. Now, all eyes will be on what happens next, and the identity of the incoming boss is the big question on everyone’s mind.

Huddersfield Town are yet to announce who will take Warnock’s place in the dugout, but the club are said to have chosen a candidate who they believe is a good long-term choice to meet their ambitions.

Edwards confirmed that the opportunity to make a move for Warnock’s replacement was a big factor in the timing of their decision to part ways with Warnock, saying: “It was part of the reason: the timing of someone being available, not knowing when the right individual might be available down the line. We feel this individual is available and it was certainly at least half the criteria for making the decision.”

Neil Warnock set to leave role as Huddersfield Town manager | Transfer  Centre News | Sky Sports

Asked what the next boss might offer that Warnock doesn’t, Edwards replied: “He’s a very difficult act to follow and it wasn’t about what we have or don’t have now. It’s absolutely clear: who can go on this journey with us and who has the attributes over the next few years to get us where we want to get to?

“It’s nothing to do with Neil and what Neil brings to the table, or what this other individual brings to the table. It’s someone – as best as we can do our homework on – who has that experienced track record and that ability to put a programme together.

“Football is a crazy industry as we know but nothing really happens by luck, so we need to put that plan in place and we need to identify an individual that can start this programme from the youth all the way to the first team, because we have a lot to do here.”

Warnock has meanwhile confirmed that he has not been involved in any way with identifying who his replacement might be, nor is he is not aware who they may be about to appoint.



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