Kieran Maguire has sent a message to the West Brom fans

Kieran Maguire has written a message to West Brom fans in response to the club’s off-field concerns.

When responding to a video posted by the official Brighton account on Wednesday (20 September) about how the Premier League side has turned its fortunes around, the football finance expert tweeted for Albion supporters to “keep the faith” and to “organise, campaign, and fight” for the club.

He claims that if the Seagulls can go from being 12 points behind in League 2 and without a stadium to the Europa League, so can the Baggies, Reading, and Southend United, as well as any other clubs with “dodgy owners.”

“To fans of Southend, Reading, West Brom and other clubs with dodgy owners, watch this and never stop believing,” said Maguire.

“If Brighton can go from 12 points adrift in League 2 and no stadium to the Europe League you can do it too. #KeepTheFaith, organise, campaign and fight for the club you love.”

Kieran Maguire - Management School - University of Liverpool

Hard to see

It’s pretty hard to see West Brom having a future anywhere near as bright as Brighton following the recent financial struggles the club are going through.

But the Seagulls have proven over a number of years that things can get much better in football and that, if you get the right people in charge, the possibilities are endless.

The problem is that there aren’t too many good owners around in football and there just isn’t too much value in taking over a club like the Baggies at this moment in time.

Perhaps in a few years, Albion fans will be able to look back on this moment as simply a brief period of suffering in the club’s lengthy history.

One thing is certain: things must improve rapidly, and a buyout is essential to safeguard the club’s future and allow it to look forward to better days.

In unrelated West Brom news, Jim White revealed the club’s financial predicament.

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